Babe Runner – Exclusive First Look At The Babes!

Bluebird films have been busy with those feature film porn spoofs (parodies). Our BATFXXX review gave a superb result for the superhero costume fest and KATWOMAN XXX is soon to be in the can. But amongst the Kat and Bats, lies a new release that’s sure to grab your attention. Based on a Ridley Scot classic and once again, filled to the lustful tip with stunning babes in hot costumes, Babe Runner will bring you an escapist fantasy re-imagining of the blockbuster movie that was Blade Runner.

Babe Runner

Another stunning cast suit-up from Bluebird's hot costume wardrobe, to bring you the latest Bluebird parody: Babe Runner

Babe Runner uses the android-hunting story line of the full feature release, but has the main LAPD Babe Runner chase android babes. It seems adult entertainment has surpassed the DVD and Internet Service Provider and has now given birth to realistic android babes, that can carry-out any sexual desire and satisfy every fetish urge! But something isn’t quite right with those android babes, their creator and his overall intentions…

Those of us looking forward to Katwoman XXX will be pleased to hear that kinky Kat herself (Dylan Ryder) is amongst the stunning cast of Babe Runner. In fact, we can even say that her figure and kinky cop costume, steal the show! Take a look at this:

Dylan Ryder Babe Runner

Dylan Ryder had finished filming Babe Runner before Katwoman XXX had even set-up its cameras. You can see just why she was picked for Katwoman XXX! WOW!

Dylan Ryder isn’t the only Katwoman XXX performer in Babe Runner. Gemma Massey (Jo-Kette) plays one of the horny android babe creations. Her red latex teddy, jacket and stockings make her one shiny and kinky android stunner!

gemma massey babe runner

Looking irresistible in latex, you can see why the British Babe Runner beauty was selected for Jo-Kette

Costume stunners from BATFXXX also make appearances in this android babe fest. In the original BATFXXX, Katwoman was played by the sexy Madelyn Marie. Wearing a sexy underbust corset and leather garters, Madelyn Marie brings us hot flashbacks of her leather-clad Katwoman romps:

Madelyn Marie Babe Runner

All leathered up and with LAPD officers to blow, Madelyn Marie returns to sizzle our screens!

Our next performer from the original superhero release, consistently grabbed our attention and stole the show in many scenes. She was the loyal support for the Bat himself and had one of the best designed costumes in the film. So what’s Krissy Lynn wearing in this hot parody? Lets find out:

Krissy Lynn Babe Runner

A kinky see-through bra and latex waist cincher, bring Krissy Lynn back to a costume themed parody...and she's most welcome!

Babe Runner brings another great costume fuck-fest to our screens and we can’t wait to experience it! Keep checking back for more info and hot images of the costume-clad cast. We’ll also promise to bring you hardcore on-set shots as well as an exclusive Babe Runner trailer! So keep it here!

Babe Runner is due for release September 2011

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  1. Vmate69 says:

    LOVE that latex number on Dylan Ryder!

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