The Extreme Fuck My Face Mega Masturbator!

The huge success of the Extreme Fuck Me Silly Mega Masturbator and Fuck Me Silly Mega Masturbator 2 have lead to Pipedream exploring other female body parts. Their first two highly successful male products, (listed above) offered ultra-realistic pussy and anal penetration with the second introducing the incredibly arousing tit-fuck option. Being able to fuck highly realistic ass and tits were one thing, but being able to shoot your load over them and do all this as soon as YOU were in the mood, was just irresistible!

How do you better such incredible pussy and ass sex toys? You constantly have to develop your product if you’re to grow an adult sex toy business, so where do you go from here? The mouth, of course! Let us introduce the Extreme Fuck My Face Mega Masturbator with an exclusive first-look pic!

extreme fuck my face blond

The Extreme Fuck My Face Mega Masturbator offers a blond bombshell who is waiting to wrap her lipstick lips around your cock!

Looks incredible, right? We’ve seen other versions before, but none of them looked as realistic as this. Not only do you get almost 18lbs of a realistic blowjob simulator, but it also comes with sexy lipstick so you can really receive the perfect fantasy blowjob! Imagine using one of the Fleshlight Girls but actually being able to look down and see lipstick lips slurp and suck your tool, as you’re able to pull the realistic hair and slam it in as deep as you like! A blowjob masturbator with lipstick is just genius!

Being as the hair is so realistic and such a vital part of the fantasy BJ, The Extreme Fuck My Face Mega Masturbator doesn’t just come in blond…it also comes as the Extreme Fuck My Face Mega Masturbator Brunette! This really is the ultimate fantasy BJ masturbator!

extreme fuce my face brunette

Blond or brunette, you'll have ultimate satisfaction as you shoot your load while grasping her hair!

Just like the mega masturbators before it, there’s also free toy cleaner and vital lube to enhance your experience! You’ll also find a free hardcore DVD of babes giving intense blowjobs so you can watch as you give The Extreme Fuck My Face Mega Masturbator, an absolute face-full of your manhood!

The Extreme Fuck My Face Blond and Brunette Mega Masturbators, are available to order now!

We’ll bring you more on new and ultra-realistic male masturbators, very soon!

6 Responses to “The Extreme Fuck My Face Mega Masturbator!”

  1. says:

    Good point! We’ll bring you exclusive news as soon as we hear of a black fuck my face mega masturbator :o)

  2. Anonymous says:

    why is ther not a black fuck my face???

  3. Anon says:

    i would like to file a complaint – it does not lick your asshole LOL

  4. Marsh says:

    I’m sorry but I love a damn good blow and pulling the hair and thrusting-in is ace!

  5. Anon says:

    This is as hot as it gets! There is nothing like looking down at your cock…that’s smeared in red lipstick! The fuck my face rocks! Best masturbator I’ve ever bought!

  6. Dre says:

    “shoot your load while grasping her hair” I love it! The lipstick is just as amazing!

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