Wonder Woman Hogtied! – Christina Carter

Costume sex and hogtied sex are two stunning forms of fetish fantasy. But when you combine the two, you get some incredible scenes! We bring you this costume bondage masterpiece, with Christina Carter looking stunning in a Wonder Woman costume with her amazing big tits!

Wonder Woman has found an enemy hide-out. However, while checking around, Wonder Woman is taken from behind and wrestled to the ground. Her huge tits can’t handle all the force, so they come bouncing out and give the enemy some naughty ideas! Why not have some fun with Wonder Woman before reporting in?

christina carter wonder woman

Wonder Woman is caught off gaurd and wrestled to the ground, as her huge tits bounce out! It’s time for the enemy to have some fun!

The enemy gets Wonder Woman low on the ground and can’t resist giving her huge tits a hot fondle and squeeze! Christina Carter makes a stunning Wonder Woman and has a gorgeous pair of tits!

big tit wonder woman

Wonder Woman can only groan as her huge boobs are fondled!

It’s time to have some fun with a hogtied Wonder Woman! The enemy doesn’t hold back and carries out a hot scene of hogtied sex! The legendary Wonder Woman can only groan as her huge tits are fucked, fondled, spanked and pegged! Her stunning body is tied-up on a table and a cross and she’s penetrated to the point of uncontrollable orgasm!

Check out Christina Carters stunning tits in motion, in the Wonder Woman hogtied trailer!

*Video:wonder woman gets hogtied!

Christina Carter plays one stunning Wonder Woman! Her body is perfect for the part as she’s tall, beautiful and owns a gorgeous big pair of mesmerizing tits! The Wonder Woman costume also plays perfectly to her figure, with a low cut leather corset and hot Wonder Woman panties!

The costume is great work by the wardrobe team and we can’t wait to see more of their costume work, as they design to the performers figure, perfectly!

wonder woman pegged tits

A hogtied and tit pegged Wonder Woman is well and truly FUCKED!

Keep it here for more kinky hogtied costume sex scene news!

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  1. sexster says:

    Hot wonder woman costume and nice big tits! :o)

  2. says:

    We’re working on it :o)

  3. WaLk says:


  4. Anonymous says:

    please put me on your list and also looking for catwoman invisible girl supergirl and of course wonderwoman please send me all info you got on these great productions thanks xxxx.

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