Marc Dorcel Magazine Review

Marc Dorcel has produced some of the hottest costume and lingerie themed adult movies, in recent years. Being drawn to the sinful delights of group sex, you’ll often find a number of long-legged stunners, taking on an even hornier number of well-hung studs in every scene. If it’s not costumes, it’s lingerie. If it’s not spit-roasts, it’s red-hot DP’s. If you love your group sex, you’ll no doubt all ready know who Marc Dorcel is, but do the magazines live up to the high standard of Marc Dorcel films?

To find out, we reviewed three Marc Dorcel magazine releases (Marc Dorcel No2, No5 and No11).

marc dorcel magazine review

The magazine cover looks identical to the design and style of Marc Dorcel movies

There are no prizes for guessing what the first few pages contain? Yup, you guessed it…ads for Marc Dorcel movies. Many magazines will have the odd ad here and there, but Marc Dorcel mags go all-out with double page spreads filled entirely of babes in scenes from hot Marc Dorcel movie shoots. In a way, it’s best to think of this magazine as a hardcore adult catalogue/porn magazine.

Among the hot scene shoots from Marc Dorcel movies, you’ll find some amazing hardcore magazine shoots. Jasmine Black gives us what we want by mesmerizing us with her utterly gorgeous breasts, while riding cock during a naughty trip to the beach. The camera focuses well on Jasmine Black’s best assets and the superb shot of her blowing a hard dick will keep you coming back to that page!

jasmine black marc dorcel magazine

Jasmine Black is one of those gifted performers who can effortlessly grab your attention, with her stunning curves and lustful posing!

Throughout a Marc Dorcel magazine you’ll get 3-4 full hardcore shoots and one classic 80’s shoot. Pacing these modern and classic scenes are photos and articles about the life of Marc Dorcel and what it’s like behind the scenes with his cast and crew.

marc dorcel tour magazine

Behind the scenes with the stars of Marc Dorcel movies. The large image captures Savanna Samson and the UK's stunning Nikki Jayne

During the pacing of Marc Dorcel movie plugs and hardcore photo shoots, you’ll also see hints of what you’d expect in men’s mags such as FHM, Bizarre and Loaded. You can expect the articles here and there covering latest sex toys and other adult products for both men and women. Of course, just like the movies, these articles plug the Marc Dorcel store. A store that seems to be expanding a lot.

marc dorcel magazine toys

Marc Dorcel contains mild hints of popular "lads mags" with articles covering male masturbators and women's sex toys

Marc Dorcel magazine also offers a little wall treat for readers. Buried within the world of Marc Dorcel, you’ll find separate calendar pages made up of truly gorgeous shoots from popular Marc Dorcel films. You can combine these to make the most stunning calendar, ever! Better still, they’re sizzling page 3-softcore, meaning that you can actually put them up on your wall without offending!

marc dorcel magazine calander

Latex, uniforms and hot lingerie! Collect and create THE hottest calendar ever! Melissa Lauren looks incredible!

Click below for more Hi-Rez examples of the calendars you can collect in the Marc Dorcel magazine.

Aletta Ocean Calendar from Pornochick 18

Megane Calendar from Story of Megane

The above are just 2 calendar pages taken from the Marc Dorcel magazine. Trust us…every one of them are hot and are begging to be collected in print!

As we mentioned before, prepare for a lot of Marc Dorcel movie plugs. However on the plus side, you’ll get to see double page spreads of your best scenes from the hottest Marc Dorcel movies. Below, you’ll see an example of a spread both interviewing Madison Parker and covering the movie Dorcel Airlines: Flight To Ibiza. You’ll enjoy some stunning images taken from the very best scenes of the movie!

marc dorcel magazine madison parker

Madison Parker is interviewed by Marc Dorcel magazine, while you enjoy images of her stunning DP scene, in Dorcel Airlines: Flight To Ibiza

Fetish Sex Blog on The Marc Dorcel Magazine Review

The Marc Dorcel magazine is simply a must for any Marc Dorcel fan. If you’re a fan of his work and even want in on the porn directing business, then this is the perfect magazine for you. If you’re also a fan but unsure of what Marc Dorcel movie to add to your collection next, then look no further than this hot, hardcore porno movie catalogue.

Although filled with what made the movies so popular, you can’t help but think that they’ve overdone it with movie promotions. If you’re genuinely searching for what Marc Dorcel movies to buy, or the babes and costumes/lingerie in Dorcel movies only turn you on (we wouldn’t blame you) then this mag is a star buy for you. But if you want a full-on, full-page hardcore porn magazine, then this may not be your style of adult mag. While there are some fantastic hardcore shoots, (if a tad on the short side) most shoots will be made of hardcore movie promo pics, that are best suited to a DVD box with their snap-shot style of imagery. Don’t get us wrong, promoting movies isn’t a bad thing, (most jaw-dropping shoots are actually taken on movie-sets) we just want to see full-page, hardcore shoots of Dorcel scenes, instead.

While there are flaws, Marc Dorcel magazines still offer what other magazines lack. Marc’s movies easily see that an incredibly stunning cast make it to this magazines pages. You won’t find hotter babes in such costume, lingerie and DP shots. You’ll also have a fantastic incentive to collect the magazine every month, with it’s truly stunning calendar pull-outs. EVERY babe you see, you’ll want up on your wall!

Buy Marc Dorcel Magazines

4 stars mag

COLLECT IT: You don’t get any hotter than Marc Dorcel babes – Nobody does costumes and lingerie better – Hardcore photos of your favourite Dorcel movie scenes – Collectible calendar pages of gorgeous Dorcel babes, that form a stunning calendar!

CONSIDER: It can feel like a glorified Marc Dorcel DVD catalogue – Hardcore shoots from Dorcel movie scenes can seem too small to really enjoy – Full-page magazine shoots seem to end too soon

Tell us what other adult magazines you want reviewed via the comments section, below!

2 Responses to “Marc Dorcel Magazine Review”

  1. Anon says:

    Good review. Marc Dorcel magazines do tend to have a lot of promo in them but the babes and costumes are unmatched!

  2. Anon says:

    Cool! Marc Dorcel babes never disappoint!

    I’ve always wanted to see what Cheri magazine was like. Any chance you can review that?

    Thanks a lot!

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