The Catwoman Of Batman: Arkham City

The newly released Katwoman XXX has got us heated up for costume fun! With Halloween round the corner, we thought it wouldn’t hurt to check out a few details of another latex-clad stunner! Batman: Arkham City is soon to be released on the 360, PS3 and PC with one of the hottest Catwoman characters ever created!

batman arkham city catwoman

Catwoman is the stunning prowler from the new Batman: Arkham City

Not only does the in-game character of Catwoman look hot, but the the model that dressed-up to treat us for the Batman: Arkham City launch event, looks just as stunning! In fact…the beauty had the look, character and voice nailed!

Gamespot’s Ryan Mac Donald, took a trip to the Batman: Arkham City launch event in New York, to speak to some of the vocal talent. But he couldn’t help being drawn to her provocative pur (and we don’t blame him!):

batman arkham city real catwoman

Ryan Mac Donald is drawn to the provocative purr of the Catwoman!

It only takes a few exchanged words for our purring beauty to set Ryan up in her grasp.

arkham city real catwoman 2

Meeeooowwwww....she teases him with her paw, but Ryan (being the pro he is) does well to keep his focus

Our Catwoman is enjoying the show and the attention. She says goodbye to the boys and gives a slow purr to Ryan, before heading off to more Arkham City fans.

real catwoman 3


Those who attended the event had a chance to buy Batman: Arkham City before its release date. The lucky swines!

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