Harmony: Megan Coxxx Nymphomaniac

A recent release from Harmony not only caught our eye due to the stunning Megan Coxxx, but also because of a certain fetish outfit she’s wearing:

megan coxxxnymphomaniac dvd

That hot fetish bra and strap skirt design...remind you of any recent magazine covers?

Last August, Q Magazine published a rather kinky front cover of Jessie J. She had her back turned to the camera to expose a very sexy strap design outfit. While Jessie J’s looks slightly more modified with buckles, Megan Coxxx is strutting her stuff in something very similar.

jessie j fetish dress

Jessie J and Megan Coxxx in a similar outfit can only mean one thing...they both look damn hot!

Let us take another peek and Megan Coxxx in that jaw-dropping strap design skirt:

megan coxxx fetish strap skirt

Babes bent over, getting nailed in a hot short skirt is one thing...but a kinky fetish strap skirt is something else!

Megan Coxxx: Nymphomaniac Back Cover:

nymphomaniac dvd

Beauty, Lingerie, Threesomes and DP's!

Megan Coxxx: Nymphomaniac Cover Study:

While the front cover simply informs us that Megan Coxxx is a hungry Nympho, (and also looks stunning in that dress) the back cover tells us there’s going to be a good variation of one-on-one, threesomes and DP sex (and we like that!). The babes look gorgeous and seem like they start the scenes in sexy lingerie. However, we hope our star babe keeps her Jessie J-like fetish outfit on for a majority of her scene. You simply can’t tease with a hot front cover like that and then deprive viewers of their fetish desires…especially in that provocative strap skirt!

Fetish Sex Blog Says:

Harmony never fail where the babes are concerned so you can look forward to some seriously jaw-dropping performers in lingerie and heels! 2-on1 and DP sex stand out more on the back cover than anything else and there also seems to be multiple DP positions (modern DP and reverse). We just hope the director (GAZZMAN) keeps Megan Coxxx in that kinky dress!

2 Responses to “Harmony: Megan Coxxx Nymphomaniac”

  1. Materman says:

    Megan Coxxx looks HOOOOOOOOOT in that leather number! More photos of her in that please!

  2. phaz says:

    Some damn good DP’s in Nymphomaniac!

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