Saints Row: The Third – Sasha Grey is Viola

Saints Row will hit stores for its 3rd installment on the 18th November. The popular sand box game will have players creating their own gangster, to have them run riot around an entire city. Although an impressive engine and gameplay tweaks make the 3rd installment a great investment, Saints Row: The Third also has the stunning Sasha Grey!

saints row third sasah grey

Sasha Grey brings her stunning curves to Saints Row: The Third

Before Saints Row 2, games such as GTA relied on animated street-side BJ’s and strip clubs to give the player an adult thrill. Saints Row however, went one step further and introduced real life pornstars to the criminal sand box world. Saints Row 2 saw Tera Patrick add sexual delight to the streets, but Saints Row: The Third will see the stunning Sasha Grey become Vilola, the beautiful mini skirt wearing, thigh high booted gangbanga (although gangbangs are now a thing of the past for Sasha, as she has now retired from the porn industry).

sasha grey viola saints row 3

Sasha Grey becomes the hot, warfare hardened Viola DeWynter

Viola is not only blessed with the hot in-game looks of Sash Grey, but also borrows the voice of the award winning adult actress. Viola will be a villain in Saints Row: The Third and will partner in crime with her evil twin, Kiki. That’s right, Sasha Grey looked so hot as a Saints Row: The Third character…they made two of her!

kiki dewynter sasha grey

Double the fun! Sasha Grey as Kiki DeWynter

Saints Row: The Third is released 18th November 2011. No reviews of the game were released at the time of this article but we hope the game at least gives us an impressive experience of the criminal sand box underworld, until GTA V arrives.

Hey, did we mention that Sasha Grey was retired from the porn industry now? We did? Well, lets all enjoy the following hot images from when Sash Grey was one of the industries finest. Fuck, yeah!

sasha grey cheek bulge bj

Sasha Grey gives an awesome, cheek bulging blowjob!

Check out Sasha Grey all kinked-up in leather! You just want to accept her little “invite” while she blows that stud:

sasha grey naughty america bj

Sasha Grey blows in leather for

Sasha Grey just loves to blow (and she looks so damn hot doing it too!). Check out Sasha Grey being a little teachers pet. This lucky guy just thought he was getting an apple!

sasha grey naughty america blow

Sasha Grey plays the "Teachers Pet" fantasy for

It’s a shame the porn industry will no longer be blessed with Sasha’s gorgeous looks, but we can all still look forward to her future movie and games projects. We all wish you the best of luck, Sasha! Don’t be leaving our screens any time soon!

3 Responses to “Saints Row: The Third – Sasha Grey is Viola”

  1. Sasha Grey says:

    Damn she gets my dick hard so fast! soo sooo fucking fast!

  2. emonxxx says:

    The way you can design your characters to be big boob, pasties-wearing babes is amazing in Saints Row 3! A game that dares and is great fun. I love it!

  3. bazz says:

    Why did Sasha Grey have to quit??? She was SSSSOOOOOOOO HOOOOT!

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