Adventure Bound Comixs

Graphic novels are a superb way to enjoy certain fetish fantasies. Artists can draw an infinite amount of sexual fetish fantasies, ranging from girl-on-girl to tentacle bondage. An artist with good imagination can create exciting sexual scenarios with anything from monstrous beasts to aliens, pleasuring long legged babes or huge busted beauties! The pen and paper is an excellent way to enjoy bondage and we’d like to share a little gem with you:

adventure bound comixs

If you enjoy bondage comics or talented fetish art work, then check out Adventure Bound Comix's

Adventure Bound Comix’s offers exclusive and regularly updated fetish artwork. You won’t find their work anywhere else and you can enjoy hot fetish categories such as Bound and Gagged Art, Damsels in Distress Art, Latex Fetish Art, Women in Peril Art, Dominate Women Art, Catfighting Art and much more.

Adventure Bound Comix’s don’t just specialise in comic-like fantasies, they also offer 3D bondage sex and other hi-rez fetish stills. Don’t forget to check out their preview section for a little taste of what you could be enjoying:

adventure bound comixs preview

Don't forget to hit that "Preview" tab to check out some hot 3D modeled and comic-style artwork. Oh, and we've even got some hi-rez samples, below!

Adventure Bound Comix’s Samples

Want to see some Adventure Bound Comix artwork samples? Of course you do! Lets take a peek at some big busted lesbian cops, enjoying some bondage fun:

This lesbian cop story begins when a busty cop finds her busty sheriff, ball gagging, constraining and spanking civilians!

lesbain big tit cop bondage comic

Our busty heroin finds her sheriff bringing justice with dildos, ball gags and rope!

Just before the sheriff goes too far with her whip, our busty heroin pulls out her stun gun. It’s time to get even…and busty sheriffs look just as hot tied-up!

lesbain big tit cop bondage comic

The busty sheriff and her assistant are put in their place...with whips and deep butt plugs!

After assisting the busty civilian, our heroin is asked how she can ever be thanked. She has an idea…

lesbain big tit cop bondage comic

Our heroin's hard work has paid off...

The art style and story set-ups really pull you in. We especially love the cop lingerie detail which really makes the busty bondage and ball gag scenes. Other great ideas such as tit-to-tit constrain and  an incredibly detailed rear view of butt plug devouring and spanking, really help make this comic a superb piece of fetish bondage art.

For more hot fetish bondage art, head over to Adventure Bound Comix’s

3 Responses to “Adventure Bound Comixs”

  1. weebe says:

    Any more on these comics? They’re awesome!

  2. Rex says:

    Some hot art! Love it!

  3. whamham69 says:

    More of these adult comix please! Get some fetish latex ones too!

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