Fuck Me Silly Sista The Black Fuck Me Silly

The Fuck Me Silly Mega Masturbator 2 was a HUGE success! Millions of men around the world found the Mega Masturbator 2 to not only be unbelievably realistic, but incredibly helpful at increasing their sexual stamina. Being able to pump your partner until SHE cums is a great feeling…something she’ll never forget!

BUT…something was missing. Although the sex toy gave ultra realism, men around the would were asking for a slight alteration. They wanted the black fuck me silly! They didn’t just want to fuck, squeeze and lick Fuck Me Silly tits…they wanted black babe Fuck Me Silly tits. The didn’t just want Fuck Me Silly pussy and ass…they wanted a black Fuck Me Silly fuckable pussy and ass!

black fuck me silly

Men around the world wanted the black Fuck Me Silly 2...and now they can finally buy it!

You see, the Fuck Me Silly 2 is an incredible toy for sexual stamina because it allows the male imagination to run wild. There is no other realistic way to pound pussy or ass, while squeezing, licking or motor-boating realistic tits than the Fuck Me Silly 2. This was why a black Fuck Me Silly was needed…and urgently.

fuck me silly sista

The black Fuck Me Silly is finally here. We give you the Fuck Me Silly Sista!

Finally, one year after the release of the original, the Fuck Me Silly Sista is now on the shelves! 36DD big black tits with fully fuckable black pussy and ass! The entire body is perfect and has everything to help you realistically relive yourself and train your sexual stamina for that lucky someone!

Buy the Fuck Me Silly Sista and let us know what you think?

We’ll bring you more on this amazing black Fuck Me Silly Mega Masturbator!

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