Ivana Sugar – Clubwear DP

In our search for original and unique fetish DP’s, we came across the beautiful Ivana Sugar. She looks beautiful in her tight clubwear outfit that blends a night-out look, with a hot fetish rubber-look!

Lets take a better look at this hot fetish clubwear DP scene. Look out for our larger images and trailer as you scroll down!

Ivana sugar takes a sweet job for a sexy photoshoot. She looks absolutely stunning in her tight, black clubwear dress. Sometimes it’s a miracle how male photographers keep their hands off such a beauty, as she strikes pose after hot pose!

ivana sugar clubwear

Ivana Sugar in her hot rubber-look clubwear, plays the part of a stunning photoshoot model. Well...she is, really

On this particular shoot, there is no miracle on Ivana Sugar’s side. She simply looks too damn hot in that clubwear outfit and soon the guys call her back behind the cameras.

ivana sugar clubwear pussy

The photographers can't keep their hands off Ivana Sugar. She looks too hot in that fetish clubwear outfit!

Although models are often warned about photographers that let their hands wonder, Ivana Sugar is curious at what it might lead to. She decides to play to the guys testosterone…and eventually ends up with a huge cock bulging into one of her cheeks!

ivana sugar clubwear bj

Ivana Sugar gives-in to the boys and gives an awesome, cheek-bulging blowjob!

There’s no turning back now. If one horny photographer is getting some cheek-bulging bliss, the other simply can’t stand and watch! Before she knows it, Ivana Sugar is bent over the casting couch with a cock in her mouth and one up her tight ass! These photographers don’t mess around…but can they convince her to do the ultimate 2-on-1 position?

ivana sugar clubwear spitroast

Ivana Sugar imagined herself posing in front of a camera today...not taking a hot spitroast from her photographers, while still in her kinky clubwear!

The photography studio is on-fire! In the heat of the moment Ivana Sugar opens wide to let both cocks drill her! Ivana Sugar finally lets them experience a hot fetish clubwear DP…and it looks absolutely amazing!

ivana sugar clubwear reverse dp

Their cocks finally hit-home! Ivana Sugar even begs for more as the photographers pump her pussy and ass!

Ivana Sugar never realised a DP could feel so good! After seeing her groan with delight, they turn her over for modern DP on the couch!

ivana sugar clubwear dp

A photoshoot, double BJ, spitroast and DP! This is proving to be one eventful work day for Ivana Sugar!

Check out the Ivana Sugar clubwear DP trailer:

*Video:click to play ivana sugar clubwear dp trailer

IVANA’S FRIENDS: “So most of us had a good day. How was yours, Ivana?”

IVANA: “Well, I felt a bit sandwiched under the pressure. First I had a model shoot, then the photographers cocks in my mouth, followed by a spitroast and then their huge cocks in my pussy and ass at the same time. It was a delight!

IVANA’S FRIENDS: “……………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………”

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