Harmony: Retribution

Harmony are always there to give us a fetish boost just when we feel the market needs it! Their latest release, Retribution, may not be entirely fetish-themed but it offers one hot latex scene with the gorgeous Angel Rivas:

angel rivas retribution

Harmony’s Retribution tells us that Angel Rivas was born to wear tight latex! This shot was also used for Retribution’s front cover!

Harmony’s Retribution will see Angel Rivas, work stunning tight black latex similar in style to popular nurse or military costumes. The high-rising bottom leaves little to the imagination and enables Angel Rivas to expose her best bits with minimal effort! But the sexy opening of her latex number, also helps to power-up the heat. Instead of zip or button-up, Angel Rivas tits are shaped and defined with an open v design. The latex edging wonderfully works her curves and we can’t wait to see Angel Rivas in action!

harmony retribution

The hot and promising front cover to the new Harmony: Retribution

Retribution is a hard story of seduction and revenge. Witness a stud get what’s coming to him as he receives a call one morning that leads to threesomes, DP’s and the hottest latex sex of his life!

harmony retribution back

We’ll save the hi-rez Retribution front cover for another time. But until then, check out this hi-rez back cover!

Retribution’s back cover reveals a stunning DP with Samantha Jolie, but fans of Angel Rivas will be delighted to see her put that hot, tight latex dress to good use! The stunning Angel Rivas is seen taking a huge cock up her ass…all while keeping on that gorgeous latex dress! Nice one, Gazzman!

Lets get back to Angel Rivas and her jaw-dropping latex dress. Check out those gorgeous tits, bursting through the v opening of her tight black latex dress!

angel rivas latex tits

Angel Rivas’ tits work that perfect opening in her tight latex dress

Lets get you all clapping harder for a latex angel, with this next sizzling shot! Angel Rivas gives us a little preview of what’s to come, exposing her pussy and ass as she seductively leans across a trunk:

angel rivas latex pussy

The latex Angel Rivas gives us a peek at what’s to enjoy in Harmony’s Retribution

You’ve seen Angel pose in stunning latex and you’ve even seen a glimpse of her latex anal scene…now see it in action with this hot Retribution trailer! Enjoy previewing big tit, threesome, DP, latex and cumshot action from this new Harmony release!

Watch the Harmony: Retribution DVD trailer:

description=”Harmony Retribution Trailer”
Download the full Harmony Retribution DVD

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Retribution was released January 13th 2012 and it’s one DVD we’ll certainly be adding to our fetish review list! Check back for more on Harmony’s Retribution and the stunning Angel Rivas!

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  1. BadWolf13 says:

    OH MY GODS she is so beautiful my brain practically go dry when I see her in THAT outfit!!

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