Gianna Michaels – Domination BJ

Big boobed, natural pornstars are hard to come by, but when they do bless us with their natural curves, it’s hard to pull away from their natural delights! One such pornstar is Gianna Michaels and we have the perfect big and natural domination blowjob scene for you!

gianna michaels fetish bj

Gianna Michaels prepares her man for some cock domination action!

Making use of the bed, Gianna Michaels works her stunning thigh high boots as she lay over her pray and begins to enjoy her first taste of hard cock!

gianna michaels cock lick

Gianna savours her first taste of the's her cock now!

On her knees and still keeping her pins covered in that stunning thigh high leather, Gianna Michaels performs a cock-raising deep throat, POV-style!

gianna michaels pov bj

Gianna Michaels lets her huge tits loose as she goes down deep, POV-style!

Fully working her hot corset and with one hand sliding under her panties and over her clit, Gianna Michaels rubs her pussy while oiling his tool with her throat! Gianna Michaels’ big, natural tits look absolutely stunning!

gianna michaels head suck

Gianna Michaels enjoys the moment, rubbing on her clit while she takes his tool in nice n' deep!

We all love a cheek-bulging face fuck! Gianna shows us she ain’t just a pair of stunning juggs, as she helps drive his tool home!

gianna michaels face fuck

Gianna Michaels shows us just how a cheek-bulging face fuck should look! One of our best styles of blowjobs!

Sitting on the bed, Gianna opens her thigh high-booted legs, exposing her pussy. This allows him to move in closer, grabbing her hair to take advantage of this big boobed dominatrix! He slams his meat down her throat, while admiring the big, natural view!

gianna michaels cock gag

SUCK IT, GIANNA! He enjoys the stunning dominatrix look, grabbing her tits, pulling her hair as Gianna gags on his cock!

That dominatrix look, those perfect, huge tits and those blissful deep throats have pushed our guy to the limit! He explodes all over Gianna Michaels’ bulging breasts, but she still opens her mouth, desperate for a taste of hot cum!

gianna michaels cum tits

Ah, that's what was missing from Gianna's gorgeous breasts...some hot cum!

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  1. onifish says:

    Gianna Michaels has the hottest tits in the biz! Love her in those pics!

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