DP OF THE WEEK: Double Anal Katy

This weeks hot n’ horny DP sees Katy take two outside in the sun! Double penetrations are always an absolute joy to watch but when they’re executed with this much lustful imagination…they’re unmissable!

Katy doesn’t mind getting fucked outdoors but somehow this has turned into an outdoor fuck-fest! Nothing is safe from the thud of sexual thrusting as our horny trio head for the nearest solid object, (a covered well) lustfully pull Katy’s panties to one side and ram both their cocks in nice n’ deep!

dp of the week katy

Katy can't believe she's out in the open and taking two huge cocks!

Katy’s underwear and the excellent positioning of the guy on top, really make this DP scene! A thong that’s thrust to one side really says ‘I want you right now!’ and you don’t get anymore lustful than a hot outdoor DP!

Watch the full outdoor DP scene and enjoy the Hi-Rez photo set by clicking here

2 Responses to “DP OF THE WEEK: Double Anal Katy”

  1. vonrik says:

    She’s Kathy Heart aka Kathy, Katy, Katy Z.


  2. adam says:

    Who is she? Katy what?

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