John Stagliano’s Voracious – 6hr DVD Box Set!

Horror has always been hit-or-miss with the adult industry. Place too much focus on cheap scares and OTT gruesome effects and you’ve lost a huge portion of your viewers (where many zombie-related adult films have suffered). However, there is one classic horror tale that perfectly suits the adult industry. The legend of the vampire!

John Stagliano has taken the lustful and thrill-seeking character of the vampire and has ran with it. Voracious is a supernatural episodic fuck-fest that seems to blend our fascination with supernatural night-crawlers with jaw-dropping, hardcore fantasy sex.

john stagliano voracious dvd set

The vampire and the porn director may have finally created something special in Voracious

Scenes that stood out from the trailer included a gorgeous mouth-load under the moonlight and an intense and lustful blowjob up-against a wall!

voracious night cumshot

Fast trills, lust and excitement are characteristics of these fanged beauties that are captured with excellent detail and perverted imagination

John Stagliano takes what many porn directors dread (dark shot scenes) and produces must-see city romps!

voracious night bj

A lustful bj against a wall! He slides it in and out, nice and deep as the town passes by, totally oblivious to what lurks in the lustful shadows…

Ivana Sugar demonstrated her skills with some gorgeous ball-pounding deep throats and deep anal (no matter what the genre…you gotta have some good, deep anal!).

voracious balls deep suck

Ivana Sugar uses the night to hide her lustful desire of balls-deep blowing!

Voracious’ scenes aren’t always shot outdoors. Expect a hot mix of popular sexual scenarios all blended with John Stagliano’s lustful take on after-dark vamp sex!

voracious hard anal

In case you were wondering, all that blood still doesn’t throw our babes thirst for hard, deep vampire anal sex!

The new Voracious DVD 4-disc box set (including all episodes totalling a whopping 6hrs!) went on sale September 27th. Check it out. It definitely has what the Twilight films lacked!

One Response to “John Stagliano’s Voracious – 6hr DVD Box Set!”

  1. gbrum says:

    6hrs! Hell yeah! Vampire sex scenes look hot!

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