Mind Fuck Harmony DVD Review

Fetish DVD Review: Mind FuckĀ  Release: September 2012

Directed by Scarlett Revell, Mind Fuck follows a sex addict (Skin Diamond) after being thrown into a sex asylum for her love of “fucked-up sex”. But Skin Diamond isn’t your ordinary patient and instead of taking it lying down, Skin’s perverted mind runs-free amongst the asylum and its workers…

mind fuck dvd review

Mind Fuck DVD Review

The opening to Mind Fuck has our new patient in a straight jacket, drooling at the mouth. It’s clear this asylum has has a ‘pump-in drugs, treat patient later’ policy, and it has clearly gotten the better of Skin…or has it?

Once Skin Diamond’s perverted mind begins to let-loose upon this small asylum, we’re treated to a sizzling lesbian threesome with Celeste Star and Adrianna Luna. Celeste Star’s acting ability really helps to set this scene, playing a dominant, military-like nurse and demanding Skin tell her why she’s here.

mind fuck celeste star pussy

Nurses Celeste Star and Adrianna Luna, help Skin Diamond settle into this perverted sex asylum!

Skin Diamond’s dirty mind sees these nasty nurses use her as a sex toy, spreading her wide on a table and probing every hole! They feast on her like a vampire and Scarlett Revell displays some great camera work, capturing Adrianna riding Skin’s tongue, angled up toward her perfect tits (as Celeste grabs a hand-full of Adrianna from behind!). An explosive scene finale sees Skin going wrist-deep into Celeste, thrusting her around the table like a depraved hand puppet!

The asylum is full of hot nurses (and we love those uniformed beauties!) and Jayden Lee is our next beauty to undergo a thorough review! When things get heated with a stud fresh from Skin’s horny mind, prepare for some delightful anal sex with shiny red heels and some garters to die for!

Scarlett Revell masterfully plays to a garter fetish in this scene, focusing on how Jayden Lee’s panties cross her garters as she’s fucked doggy-style. Scarlett also superbly distances herself from the action, filming Jayden Lee’s legs spread-wide, as her ass gets pounded in her red high heels!

A hot tit fuck-break and a jaw-dropping close-up of Jayden Lee’s sofa-riding ass (smeared in the shine of sweat and seamen) make this scene a must-see!

mind fuck jayden lee doggy

Scarlett Revell plays to the garter fetish superbly, capturing some stunning moments in Jayden Lee’s scene!

Another intense anal scene awaits as Skin Diamond is dressed in gorgeous garters, stockings and pink high heels. What’s even better, is how Scarlett Revell lets them shine on camera, capturing Skin Diamond with her legs wide-open over a stool as a well-hung black stud, slams her ass hard n’ deep! The camera work is adventurous and rewarding, with more shots from beneath Skin’s ass, letting you experience every ball-slamming thrust! Look out for Skin Diamond’s vibrating ass cheeks as she can barley contain her anal pleasure!

mind fuck skin diamond heel anal

A beautiful diamond takes some heavy skin, firmly and tightly up the ass! Skin’s heels and garters are masterfully captured by Scarlett Revell

The final scene of Mind Fuck treats us to an intense threesome with some insane, tonsil-pounding cock sucking! Skin Diamond (who is dressed in studded-trim latex with leather studded gloves and heels) is joined by Mae Myers, a tartan skirted, PVC capped beauty who sucks as lustfully as Skin and has the dirty talk to stand alongside of her!

mind fuck threesome mae myers

Mae Myers works a kinky PVC cap and tartan skirt throughout this scene. Both beauties work together superbly

Throughout this scene you’ll constantly hear the sound of this lucky guys cock, pounding against these beauties tonsils. Wet, deep and lustful is the motto of Skin and Mae as they bark out lustful demands such as “cum down his cock” and “fuck the shit outta her!” while Skin Diamond takes it leg-spread on a stool, with Mae feastingĀ on Skin’s tits. “Suck the cum off that cock” Skin yells again, as Mae Myers tonsil-pounds his cock while a firm hand leaves a print on her perfect ass!

mind fuck threesome fuck

Mae Myers is formed from the dirtiest part of Skin’s fucked-up mind

Scarlett Revell really ends this threesome in style, with Skin taking it doggy-style while Mae lay beneath, fondling and sucking Skin’s breasts. Both demand cum at the scenes end with Mae taking it over her mouth, to then cum-swap with Skin during a passionate kiss.

Fetish Sex Blog on the Mind Fuck Review


Scarlett Revell has made her Harmony debut with a solid all-sex release, not only displaying her experience behind the camera but casting too (she obviously did her homework, spotting Skin Diamond’s lead-role potential in Whore Hotel). Lesbian nurses, hard and intense anal scenes and lustful threesomes make Mind Fuck an excellent choice for those who love their adult DVDs with popular sexual scenarios, mixed with a hint of outfit fetish. While we do believe the nurse costumes could have done with a little more perverted imagination from the wardrobe team, the performers helped make them work and ignite the fantasy (especially Celeste Star).

Mind Fuck also attempts to quench the lingerie and rubber/latex fetishes, but while Brooklyn Lee was stunning in her rubber dress, (with the sexy sound of rubber tugging against skin as her tits are fondled) it was a shame to see her immediately taken out of it once the scene really started. However, her squeals and groans while taking some of the hottest missionary we’ve seen (with her heels wrapped around her guys head) and Skin Diamond’s amazing lingerie n’ heel anal, certainly made up for this. Even with the teasing of a fetish theme, Mind Fuck is still an exceptional all-sex romp with expertly filmed anal and outfit-focused scenes.

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Mind Fuck DVD Extras:

Cumshot Recap, Hi-Rez Photo Gallery and Trailers

The Fetish Sex Blog Mind Fuck DVD Review Result:

9 out of 10

BUY IT FOR: Light costume lesbian sex with Celeste Star as a horny and dominant nurse – Intense anal sex with cleaver use of lingerie throughout – An amazing threesome finale with serious dirty talk and a mild, kinky style. Erotic and believable lesbian kissing (you’ll be surprised how unconvincing this can be in many adult films).

CONSIDER: Latex and rubber sex is teased but not really explored – Costumes could have had a more erotic, OTT design and style (to fit more with Skin Diamond’s “fucked-up” imagination which in Mind Fuck’s story, creates these fantasies and characters throughout).

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  1. walker says:

    Love this movie. Power to the female director!

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