Ruru Anoa – Tokyo G-Babe

It’s time for some more hot big-busted Japanese babe pics. Allow us to introduce the amazing figure of Japan’s Ruru Anoa.


Ruru Anoa teasing us with her G size assets. A bust like that never needs ‘peace’ signs. We’re sure those beauties will help create love, not war

Ruru Anoa was born in Tokyo, Japan and we’ve heard that one of her favourite hobbies is belly dancing. With a body like that you’ll never have troubles getting gigs, Ruru.

Ruru Anoa Ass

Ruru Anoa bends over to take a sexy peek outside. Can you see it yet Ruru? Keep looking…it’s there, we promise!

Ruru certainly has what it takes to be a dancer. She can even cheat and work those pins and jiggle that butt…we won’t tell anyone…

ruru anoa tits

Ruru Anoa has one gorgeous set of eyes. You could just get lost in them, eh? Hey…her eyes! Look up! Oh, never mind

Well, it was certainly cold out there but we admire Ruru forĀ soldiering through it. The letter G has never looked so damn good.

ruru anoa dildo tit fuck

Ah, something else we could get lost in…

Check back for more Japanese big-busted Fetish Sex Blog beauties!

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