The DP For Couples

DP (Double Penetration) is usually something us porn lovers leave to the pros. If you’re single and adventurous then you can always try your luck with a horny friend (good luck with that) or splash some cash wherever the willing may roam (but use protection). But what if you’re in a happy relationship and still get a pleasant thrill of seeing a hot double penetration on your screen?

Relax, before you go saying something to your partner that one side of your face will soon regret, there is a better way. A major part of a DP fetish comes from watching a woman get penetrated in both holes simultaneously. It’s something you’ll never really see in your regular sex life and something incredibly taboo and erotic. So how do you emulate this fantasy and feeling in your relationship? Well, we have a horny St Trinian willing to lend us a hand:

st trinian anal

Our horny St Trinian demonstrates the basic skills needed to carry-out our couple DP experience

Of course, to do this your partner is going to need to be comfortably familiar with anal sex. If this is currently proving to be an obstacle, check out our Introducing Anal Sex article with tips on how to safely experience and enjoy anal sex.

Once anal sex is on the table, it’s time to invest in an average sized dildo (5-6″) and possibly a long, double ended dildo, too. The most simple of couple DP fantasies is to have your partner riding you, bent forward so you’re able to kiss. You can then gently insert a finger for a light DP fantasy or use the average sized dildo to add to the excitement! Once you’re enjoying this stage of couple DP fun, you can easily experience other positions such as have her lay on a seat (laying flat on her back) with her legs in the air. You can now penetrate her ass while she uses the dildo for her pussy – or the other way around.

You can easily experiment and find more hot couple-friendly DP sex positions. Using a mirror is an incredibly erotic addition to this. As not only will you get the lustful feeling of DP, but the visual stimulation of it too. Wondered what that double ended dildo was for? Well, our horny little St Trinian is just about to show you:

couple dp

Our horny St Trinian demonstrates a couple DP that is superb when facing a mirror. The double dildos’s length gives excellent grip during the fun!

The mirror is a huge enhancement to this couple DP fantasy. Don’t have one in your room? You can easily buy standing mirrors or you could even hire a naughty hotel room!

We hope you enjoy performing these hot positions! Oh, our St Trinian would like to end with some hot anal doggy:

st trinian deep anal

Our St Trinian enjoyed demonstrating some excellent couple-friendly DP positions…but she just loves good-old fashioned butt sex!

Head back for more hot sex positions from the Fetish Sex Blog!

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  1. whipme says:

    Great idea with the double ended dildo! :o)

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