Bent Over Babes: The Daz Maid

Our new Bent Over Babes section will bring you the very best of luscious beauties, bent over and exposing what they shouldn’t! From schoolgirls to teachers and from french maids to nurses, this new section will bring you purvey images you’ll want to keep and enjoy again and again!

Helping us launch our new Bent Over Babes section is Chloe. This long-pinned beauty is caught bending over in her gorgeous french maids uniform. Cleaning has never been so appealing…and we’ve never wanted to hire a maid so badly!

french daz maid chloe

Our french maid doesn’t need a tumble dryer to heat-up the laundry room

French maid Chloe has stunning pins! Decorated in lovely lace stockings and propped up in sexy high heels, our beautiful french maid sees to the day-to-day cleaning of St Mackenzie’s school. Where would our beautiful maid be without her Daz? Where would we be without this ace angle of the laundry room!

Enjoy some hi-rez Chloe and hit our blog again soon for more luscious Bent Over Babes!

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