DP SEX SPECIAL: Vanda and Kelly Need It!

This week we’ve found two DP’s so scorching that we’ve decided to make this DP SEX OF THE WEEK a double penetration special! Two babes, four cocks and at least two mesmerizing double fucks!

Lets get it started with Vanda. This young beauty has let that post-workout ‘urge’ get the better of her and instead of hitting the showers, she’s hitting 3 hard cocks!

gym bj finger

Vanda enjoys a post-workout BJ and finger as her shorts are lustfully pulled down to her knees

Vanda bench presses in her own style. Riding one cock, taking one in the ass and sucking the spare one that hangs over the barbell. Vanda loves benching heavy meat!

gym bench dp

Vanda doesn’t bench weights…she benches cocks! Great use of the workout bench makes this a must-see gym DP

Lets take it outside now, where we have the beautiful Kelly. This DP special is all about making the most of what you’ve got. Babes taking 2 cocks is hot, but we want to see them take it in lustful style. It’s what the double penetration is all about!

With her husband away, Kelly is bored and decides to do some shopping. She picks up the phone and orders some meat…

kelly outdoor spit roast

Kelly doesn’t care for small talk and gets straight to it. Double Bj’s, hot spit-roasts and more, all take place around her pool-side chair

After the warm-up it’s time to take the hot double plunge! The long cushion is taken from the pool-side chair and placed on the floor. It’s time to go in nice n’ deep. Kelly appreciates the thought, waving her hair behind her shoulders as the hired cock pounds at her pussy and ass!

kelly outdoor dp

There’s nothing like a good outdoor DP! The guys make great use of the pool-side chair and give the maid a tough cleaning job

As jaw-dropping as these DP’s are, there are more great moments to look out for in these scenes. One such moment sees Kelly take a reverse DP on her pool-side chair, to have her ass cheeks grasped as she’s bounced up and down the hired meat!

Watch these DP special scenes in full AND enjoy their hi-rez image packs!

We’ll bring you more DP action very soon.

One Response to “DP SEX SPECIAL: Vanda and Kelly Need It!”

  1. Benny says:

    I thought that was a HUGE streak of cum down Vanda’s back, then. But it’s just the light! LOL

    Still a hot DP scene. A keeper! :o)

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