Jada Stevens: Buttwoman

Jada Stevens was one of those beauties who you couldn’t help but notice. If she was part of a group scene, she’d steal it. If her ass was exposed, you’d want it, remember it and look up any other DVD release that worshiped it. Jada is a natural talent who has blown us away with her beauty and curve-working performances. It’s the very reason why she was selected to be the next Buttwoman.

jada stevens buttwoman

Jada Stevens is Buttwoman

Lets take a better look at Jada’s perfect curves with a concept shot from the Buttman DVD cover shoot:

jada stevens buttwoman ass

Jada Stevens is a naturally gifted performer. No wonder her work attracted the attention of Elegant Angel

We do tend to ask ourselves if Jada Stevens was born…or created? Can you really have an ass that perfect? Is she some kind of Dark Angel – a genetically modified sex-bomb with a bum to die for?

jada stevens ass chair

Ah yes sir, this piece is called ‘Ass Meets Chair’. A fine piece, wouldn’t you agree?

As well as Jada’s perfect ass, Buttwoman also contains Jada Stevens’ very first interracial DP!

jada stevens buttwoman dp

Jada Stevens enjoys two big, black cocks. Her first interracial DP and only in Buttwoman

We’ll bring you more on the curvalicious beauty that is Jada Stevens. But let us leave you with this awesome gif:

jada stevens ass wobble gif

Yup. Definitely created…

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  1. bang-dem says:


  2. Kanesha says:

    I’ll never forget Jada’s outdoor scene for Reality Kings! AMAZING!

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