Joanna Angel On WFMU/New York City’s Seven Second Delay

The princess of punk sex will be appearing on the Seven Second Delay show on October 17th from 6-7pm.

joanna angel seven second delay

The gorgeous Joanna Angel will appear on WFMU/New York City’s Seven Second Delay on October 17th

Joanna Angel will talk about her incredibly popular official website ( as well as her cast of punk beauties. Joanna will also treat fans to a red-hot explanation into why she loves anal sex! (that explains why Joanna loves treating her members to some awesome DP scenes!).

joanna angel punk sex web

Head to and get caught in Joanna’s punk sex web of pleasure! was first launched as an experiment by Joanna Angel and her college friend, Mitch Fontaine back in April 2002. Originally set-up with only a few raunchy photos and band interviews, the site suddenly generated large amounts of loyal traffic, creating a huge demand for Joanna’s unique style of cyber erotica. Joanna then set-up her own DVD studio where bestselling movies such as the ‘Cum on my tatoo’s’ series was created. Joanna Angel now directs and produces her unique style of adult entertainment…and we can’t wait to bring you more on them!

We’re off to check out some hot Joanna Angel anal and DP scenes. Don’t worry, we’ll share our findings as always! Keep it at the Fetish Sex Blog!

One Response to “Joanna Angel On WFMU/New York City’s Seven Second Delay”

  1. Joanna says:

    Joanna Angel is a legend and the best adult performer – PERIOD! More on her please!

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