Latexclad Beauties: Teasing

Check out these stunning shots of two gorgeous latex babes posing for a lucky photographer in a naughty, secret location.

Lets see our first latexclad babe who loves some sexy nipple-play:

latex babe nipples

Our first latex beauty works some stunning latex stockings and gloves. We also love the peek-a-boo nipple design. Hot!

Our two latex beauties embrace each other lustfully, squeezing their perfect assets against one another!

latex babe lesbians

These beauties look stunning in their latex stockings but we wouldn’t mind a peek from behind…wouldn’t you?

Lets take a peek from behind and marvel at what’s at the end of those stunning latex stockings!

latex stocking pussies

Two beauties, latex covered and offering some stacked pussy! What else could you want? A closer look perhaps?

Lets take a closer look at that gorgeous latex stacked pussy tower! You just wanna grab hold of those ass cheeks and make yourself at home!

latex stocking pussy tower

Two perfect asses and two welcoming pussies, all wrapped in latex stockings with some very sexy PVC feet. A work of art!

We think all that sexy posing has gotten the better of our latex beauties. As soon as they’re off one another, the dildos come out and the latex lesbian games begin.

latex lesbian dildo fuck

She watches her gasp, grasping the dildo with her latex glove as it plunges deep inside of her

Check back for the second part of this latex thrill, that sees a lucky masked guy throw some hard, deep anal sex into the mix!

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