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Wrapped in a tight PVC dress, Scarlett Revell takes a seat at the editing suit where she applied the finishing touches to the amazing Mind Fuck. Scarlett Revell is Harmony’s second female director and her work has not only impressed us, but other major adult studios including Playboy TV.

Fetish Sex Blog couldn’t wait to ask Harmony’s second female director what it was like to shoot Mind Fuck, her reasons for getting into the industry and what other adult DVDs really get her off!

latex scarlett revell interview

Scarlett Revell looking stunning in her exposing latex dress. This is where the magic happens!

FSBlog: Other female directors in the industry have taken to the camera because of their belief that the porn industry doesn’t cater to the female viewer. Do you agree and is this why you became a director yourself?

Scarlett Revell: I became a director because I used to buy porn…and I did not like it.  It wasn’t something that turned me on very much…the style, the eroticism and also the hard edge to the sex I often like, was missing.  So from my first ever porn DVD purchase I vowed to do it better.

FSBlog: Due to the lack of female directors in the industry, did you find it hard to get your work noticed and published or was it quite the opposite?

Scarlett Revell: I was lucky to have Gazzman and Harmony Films as a mentor, so this helped me a lot. I learned everything from the ground up, from dealing with talent, organising the shoot, post production and directing. I had a lot of support from the company which I will always be grateful for.

FSBlog: Even for non-adult related work, many women find it more comfortable to have a female photographer for basic photoshoots. Do you think this is the same with female directors in the porn industry?

Scarlett Revell: Not at all…I work well with either sex. It’s about the quality of their work and if they understand what I want from a scene.

scarlett revell 50 shades

FSBlog: Did you gain any other experience in the industry before becoming Scarlett Revell?

Scarlett Revell: I learnt everything through Gazzman….he’s an awesome teacher! You could say I’m his biggest fan. And yes I have wanked off to his porn!

FSBlog: What Gazzman films inspired you the most and what Harmony DVDs still sit in your player?

Scarlett Revell: I love Wasted! It’s crazy reality style film which you can catch clips of on Youtube – just Google “Nacho Vidal Wasted”and see what I mean. Then there is the Nymphomaniac series..any of those get me off!

FSBlog: How does it feel to be Harmony’s second female director?

Scarlett Revell: I’m honoured…and a little nervous. Its a big responsibility to hold. Plus I think others will have certain expectations of a woman directing porn.

FSBlog: How long did Mind Fuck take to shoot?

Scarlett Revell: The planning took place over a period of months, looking at outfits, meeting designers, choosing locations, actors and so forth. Then there was a 3 day shoot followed by 3 weeks in editing. I do the edit and the sound mixing then the colour correction and grading. I’m always keeping a look out for new styles or techniques that I can adapt to put in my work. That could be anything from the make-up and hair that I saw in a copy of Vogue, to the colour grading and shooting style of a film I enjoyed like “Black Swan”.

FSBlog: Do you think Black Swan would make a good porn parody? If you could choose any 2 movies to shoot (or reboot) as parodies, what would they be and why?

Scarlett Revell: Zombie Flesh Eaters crossed with Cannibal Ferox, shot as a film-within-a-film. Then I would really like to do my own HARD CORE take of Fifty Shades. However, Black Swan is an interesting thought. I love that movie. I’m just not a fan of this jokey porn sub-genre.

scarlett revell sexual tension

FSBlog: What stands-out most in your mind when you think back to the shooting of Mind Fuck? (issues, funny stories etc.)

Scarlett Revell: In the first scene I will always remember how nervous Celeste Star and Adrianna Luna were when they saw the electric sex toy I had chosen for them to use on skin. It kind of shot sparks and electricity from its glass tip and they thought they would either electrocute her or themselves. However, Skin Diamond had done similar work to this with Kink so I knew she was comfortable with it. It was amazing how she could handle that wand, even up to full power. The girls were pretty stoked by the end of that scene. I even got turned on when I was editing the footage and had to release some sexual tension myself.

FSBlog: Some directors fully plan-out every detail of their movies before shooting takes place. Some take brief notes as a guide and others tend to follow their instincts on-set. How does Scarlett Revell approach and shoot her movies?

Scarlett Revell: That’s a good question. I like to have a shot list and a definite plan matched to my script. I work with a script writer to create what I have in my mind. When it’s all going crazy on set and people are running around asking me all sorts of distracting questions, from “Where’s the toilet at?” to “what time do we have to be out of the location?” it helps to have a plan written down that you can look at and follow. It means I should always end up with all the footage I need. However, when things go off the rails I still have to think on my feet and react to what’s happening. Just ask Gazzman how plans can change and your shoot can go to shit. He has a great anecdote about having to helicopter rescue a drunk actress from the top of the French Alps in one of his more memorable trips!

FSBlog: Any chance you can spill-the-beans on who that actress was? (rescued from French Alps)

Scarlett Revell: She was a Czech girl – relatively unknown, so much so that Gazzman can’t remember her name but if you look up an old movie of his for Private called “Snow Sluts” you will see her in there in the snow chalet scene.

FSBlog: What’s your ultimate fetish?

Scarlett Revell: I don’t know yet as the process of making these films is opening up a lot of stuff that I either never got round to trying or even knew about. I do have a very dirty mind though and it’s not just men that think about sex every 20 minutes or whatever!

FSBlog: Will fetish sex be your Harmony speciality or will you work on many genres?

Scarlett Revell: I don’t see my films as being fetish really. I just want to make stylish looking movies with beautiful images and hard-core nasty sex. Something beyond the vanilla for sure but also something that can pull in people from other genres . I mean, by introducing the fetish styling (which I personally love) to a feature look with big name stars, I hope to attract people who might previously never have seen or considered that kind of work. Sometimes if you’re more mainstream, regular porn consumer might avoid things they consider fetish but are actually missing out on a lot of really hot things that would get them off. So I guess that’s what I want to do, is to broaden things out and pull in more people to my hard-core, sometimes fetishy world full of amazing sexy women and gorgeous outfits.

FSBlog: What advice can you give other women who are looking to step behind the camera?

Scarlett Revell: Try it out for fun at first. Don’t be scared of it. Maybe find some friends, get a camera, set up a little shoot. It’s actually quite empowering to tell people how to have sex, to be in control. I’m surprised that there are not more women producing films in this business really.

FSBlog: There have been too few female porn directors. Sadly, most seem to use it as an experience and move-on to other things within the space of just a year or so. Do you have more movies planned and is Scarlett Revell here to stay?

Scarlett Revell: I have just been told that Playboy TV in Europe want three of my films through Harmony so I am lining that up right now. I am SO excited! Oh, and your readers are the first to find out!

FSblog wish Scarlett the best of luck at Harmony and with her Playboy TV gigs (although we very much doubt she needs luck with movies as good as Mind Fuck!).

We now know the reasons for Scarlett’s dive into the adult entertainment world, how she REALLY enjoys editing, what can go wrong on a porn shoot and that Skin Diamond is tough enough to be a WWE Diva!

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