DP OF THE WEEK: Annette Schwarz – Hot Prison Officer DP

Annette Schwarz has always amazed us with outstanding fetish performances. The German born actress has always looked magnificent in a cap and relishes a take with her dressed-up in some form of twisted costume! We love Annette’s view on fetish and bring you an incredible Annette Schwarz prison DP!

annette schwarz prison officer

Annette Schwarz looks irresistible in her hot prison officer outfit as she teases two inmates!

Annette Schwarz certainly has the body for such hot costumes. Her ass cries-out for a spank when wrapped up in latex or tight fitting skirts. However, these two lucky inmates get the naughtiest officer ever! Annette Schwarz only has a kinky belt below her officers shirt!

annette schwarz prison ride suck

Annette sucks with her sexy cap on, riding a hard cock that slides between her kinky boots!

With Annette dripping wet and the inmates throbbing, our kinky officer soon has a face-full of cock and a stiff ride! Annette Schwarz has her kinky high heels fully exposed as she gives these prisoners the best night of their caged lives!

annette schwarz prison dp

You tease – you take! Annette Schwarz enjoys dual thrusts from her inmates!

Annette Schwarz is a goddess in kinky uniform! Enjoy more great hi-rez pics from this scene as well as more kinky scenes from the horny German beauty.

6 Responses to “DP OF THE WEEK: Annette Schwarz – Hot Prison Officer DP”

  1. Anonymous says:

    i want to fuck her so bad

  2. morton says:

    Annette is easily one of the hottest things ever to wear kinky shit for the camera!

  3. PAULMOFO says:

    Love this scene but REALLY wish it was a movie! Annette Schwarz has done a few fetish costume scenes but one was with this AMAZING black PVC short dress (very similar to a nurse costume). It was around a pool table with two guys…but she took it off at the start of the scene! GIVE US WHAT WE NEED, ANNETTE! You’re amazing in costumes!

  4. Annette Schwarz IS HOT! says:


  5. goatman says:

    I want a full DVD of Annette Schwarz getting double fucked in all kinds of kinky costumes!

  6. mercado says:

    Damn, I wanna fuck Annette Schwarz!

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