Sex Toy Japan: Japanese Sex Dolls

The adult toy biz is forever working hard to create the next batch of ultra realistic and must-have men’s sex toys. But while the EU and US industry throw cash at huge marketing campaigns, there is still one country that always delivers the goods. Japan!

In our first article on the amazing Japanese sex toy industry, we’ll take a look at how ultra realism and hentai fantasy all merge into one incredible sex toy experience. First, lets take a quick peek at one of the latest Japanese fantasy anime sex dolls on the market.

Yuka TAKE ME! Anime Sex Doll

This version of Yuka is perfect for those who want to practice their sex techniques with the feel of a babe around them (as well as beneath them or in front of them!). Yuka is especially popular with leg fetish and anime sex toy customers as her sexy pins can be dressed in most provocative stocking wear and heels!

yukas spreaded legs

Yuka spreads her legs for you in whatever sexy wear you desire!

There is nothing hotter than working on your technique or sexual endurance, to then turn your head and see some sexy heels spread nice n’ wide!

Yuka All Sex Position Anime Sex Doll

This version of Yuka is just as hot but focuses more on all forms of sexual positions and fantasy wear:

lovely yuka sex doll

Lovely Yuka is the perfect sex doll for all-position realism!

The designers understand their customers needs and want a sex doll that can give the most realistic sexual experience (Yuka’s position flexibility) with endless possibilities for costume, uniform, kink and many other sex wear fetishes!

We’ll be bringing you a more in-depth look at both of these Japanese anime sex dolls, very soon. Also expect much more on the incredible world of Japanese sex toys!

One Response to “Sex Toy Japan: Japanese Sex Dolls”

  1. FF says:

    One of those Japanese sex dolls looks like that huge boobed girl from Final Fantasy 7!

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