Cindy Synnet – Latex Gun Babe

Cindy Synnet is one stunning model who was born to work tight latex outfits. From game shows (Sin promotions at E3) to latex fetish sites, Cindy Synnet seems to love her fetish work, almost as much as we love admiring it!

cindy synnet latex gun babe ass

Cindy Synnet strikes a sexy pose and treats us all to her perfect little latex butt

Cindy Synnet love the thrill of being a latex-clad action babe. Fully suited and booted in kink, Cindy is armed and ready for action!

cindy synnet latex gun babe

The beautiful Cindy Synnet is ready for action

Our latex beauty isn’t armed with just any gun. She has Robocop’s legendary fully-auto handgun at the ready. This is one latex babe with some sexy attitude!

cindy synnet latex robocop gun

Cindy Synnet calibrates the sights on her full-auto Robocop hand cannon!

To finish the look, Cindy wears steel shin-guarded black boots. There’s no harm keeping it safe and kinky, eh?

cindy synnet latex

Fully auto hand gun, latex suit and battle-ready boots. Cindy Synnet is a stunning dark angel

Check out more of Cindy Synnet at E3

Keep it here for more stunning latex models!

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