Extreme Pleasure Hip – The Gokujo Namagoshi

Don’t confuse Tamagoshi with Namagoshi. The first, was a kids pet toy that the planet went nuts over a few years back and the second, is possibly one of the most realistic feeling and behaving men’s sex toys in the world!

gokujo namagoshi sex toy

The Gokujo Namagoshi is the very latest in men’s sex toys from Japan. It’s no secret that the Japanese know their sex toys

Many men’s sex toy manufacturers research before designing and creating their sex toys. They want their toys to feel very realistic and look as close to the real thing as possible, right? Well, what if we told you that the Gokujo Namagoshi was actually designed by women’s clinic doctors in Japan! Yes, this Japanese sex toy has been designed, tried and tested by both male and female doctors to give the most realistic feeling possible!

extreme pleasure hip sex toys

Japanese female clinic doctors helped the Extreme Hip sex toy offer such a realistic feel!

Remember that name ‘Gokujo Namagoshi’ but of course, we’ll be bringing you a lot more news on this amazing new men’s sex toy, real soon.

7 Responses to “Extreme Pleasure Hip – The Gokujo Namagoshi”

  1. SLAMSHAM says:


  2. redDICK says:

    Nice image of those squeezable ass cheeks. I’ve heard it feels freakishly realistic! Can’t wait to lay into the Namagoshi! :o)

  3. tristaki says:

    I like the design of the Gokujo Namagoshi. It’s angled well so you can easily enjoy both the pussy and ass with just one position. You’ll never beat the Japanese at sex toys. They rule!

  4. WHAMHAM69 says:

    I can see why they call it the extreme hip. It looks hot and I love the way they’ve rounded it off to a nice shape that’s easy on the eye.

  5. jamel z says:

    It’s sounding like on awesome Japanese sex toy! More on this please. I looks amazing!

  6. hallman says:

    I’ve used the extreme hip and still have it. This is an amazing toy!

    Many similar toys don’t seem to behave as realistically when you ‘finish’ (they can seem a little too tight) but the Gokujo Namagoshi feels amazing! Just try it! :o)

  7. ornelas24 says:

    I heard of this a few months back. The feel is meant to be amazing. I really like the shape as it’s really different but realistic.

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