Fleshlight Babes

Fleshlight is now one of the worlds bestselling men’s sex toys. Compact, reasonably priced and offering amazing feel and quality, Fleshlights are going from strength to strength every year. We’ll take you back to where it all began. A promo show with the gorgeous Fleshlight Babes!

fleshlight babes

The original Fleshlight girls looking stunning for the sex toys promo show. We think they should sell Fleshlight catsuits!

All models of Fleshlights were on show with appearances from many well-known adult performers. But as far as we’re concerned, these Fleshlight babes stole the show!

fleshlight catsuit babe

Meet Daphne. This beauty is captain of the Fleshlight promo team and you’ll recognise her from promotions of the Fleshlight STU

It’s easy to see why Daphne is head of the Fleshlight promo squad. She’s really friendly and helpful at shows, great at offering promo shots for the press and of course…she’s and absolute stunner! Daphne has also appeared on promotional work for the Fleshlight STU where she posed in sexy military gear. Daphne is stunning in uniform, so we hope to see a lot more of her!

fleshlight babe demo

One of the Fleshlight beauties giving a demonstration of the delights a Fleshlight can bring! Fleshlight hands-free!

Keep it at Fetish Sex Blog for more on these Fleshlight beauties!

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