Rubber Catsuits

Costumes are always used to enhance a fantasy and figure. But no costume does this better than a shiny rubber catsuit. The shine, the close fit and the cleavage are simply unmatched!

fantasy catsuit thigh high boots

You can’t beat the shine and cleavage of a rubber catsuit. Especially when paired with thigh high stunner’s!

Catsuits come in some truly amazing varieties. The most conman is the full-frontal zip catsuit. This allows not only the bust to be exposed, but the lower section to be exposed for more adventurous and kinky sex scenarios!

rubber catsuit cap

Full-frontal zip catsuits not only enhance the cleavage…

Cat costumes don’t only have to fully cover. As long as certain parts of a costume have that kinky shine, certain accessories can really bring the catwoman fantasy to life!

rachel roxxx cat mask tail

Rachel Roxxx shows us that just a few shiny accessories can make a hot ‘n kinky catwoman costume!

Keep it here for more on sexy catsuits as well as a closer look at catsuit costumes that allow full-on sex! For us…those are the best kind of kitty kink costumes!

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