Meiki Plush Sex Doll

The Japanese have done it again! They’ve taken the hottest torso masturbators and combined the design with soft, easy to clean plush material. The result is the Meiki Plush Sex Doll and it offers much more than just erotic sex positions.

meiki plush sex doll

The Meiki Plush – An easier to clean and easy to hide version of the sex toy torso

The first thing you’ll notice about the design is its texture. Plush-like cushion material make this doll soft, light and super easy to clean. It’s shaped like a stunning big-breasted manga babe but it can easily fold or give to allow storage in much more hidden places.

Unlike many other sex toy torso’s, the Meiki Plush offers thighs that¬†seductively¬†wrap around you. This makes doggy style, missionary and spoon positions (to name just a few) easy to execute and enjoy.

Keep it at the Fetish Sex Blog for more on the Meiki Plush as well as its other amazing feature!

One Response to “Meiki Plush Sex Doll”

  1. Dooak34 says:

    I own a Meiki plush and the idea is just amazing. The Japanese are leaps ahead when it comes to sex toys. Forget your fleshlight pods, buy some quality masturbators, (always go for Japanese Onaholes) pop them inside the Meiki Plush and master some hot sex positions.

    Highly recommended! :o)

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