Sex In Venice DVD Review

One of the most important rules to making a truly great fetish-themed movie, is loyalty. You need to be loyal and consistent to your DVD cover art and overall sex niche. Scarlett Revell’s Sex In Venice doesn’t just execute this superbly…it blows many other fetish costume-themed movies out of the water!

Prepare to be amazed…

sex in venice fetish costume review

Click for a look at Mira’s and Henessy’s stunning fetish outfits!

Costume Kink. Beyonce-style!

Sex In Venice opens like an erotic beyonce video…but this is about a different kind of ‘music’. This is about how amazing a woman looks and the sexual power she has over man, when wrapped in the right kind of kink.

Scarlett Revell isn’t just showing you an attractive woman in a sexy outfit, (like so many other adult movies do) she’s capturing just why our jaws drop in amazement. Every Venetian setting complements and enhances each of Scarlett Revell’s masterfully selected Atsuko Kudo outfits. Every scene will allow the viewer to enjoy the beauty in just her fetish wear before the action begins. Many of us may have hit fast forward at such warm-up sections before, but in Sex In Venice, every piece of the fetish puzzle has been shot and designed to be studied and enjoyed.

kerry sex in venice

The elegant backdrops perfectly complement these beautiful women and their jaw-dropping outfits

Latex Double Penetrations In Venice

Scarlett Revell has gone to extraordinary lengths to ensure these costumes work with the performance. Henessy is captured beautifully with her latex garter ass, stockings, high heels and her amazing half cup bust!

First, let Henessy treat us all to her sloppy double BJ warm-up!

Sex in Venice Henessy double BJ

Henessy’s scene takes centre stage for Sex In Venice. Scarlett Revell has performed a master-class of how a perfect fetish DP should be filmed. It’s not all about filming her stuffed backside up-close. Surroundings, angles that work the fetish wear and shots that work the curves of the performer are what makes a great DP.

henessy latex dp sex in venice

Henessy’s fetish DP scene is a work of art. If Sex In Venice doesn’t get an award, this scene should…at the very least! Scarlett Revell is a fetish genius!

Up next for latex double-stuffing, is Mira…but her ass needs a little warm-up, first:

Sex Venice Mira latex anal

Another amazing costume, perfect for fetish double penetrations, wraps itself around Mira. Her latex teddy-like outfit gives the best of latex ass-hugging garter and full latex dress fetishes as it opens around her pussy and ass. With Scarlett Revell’s fetish sexpert eye, this produces yet another outstanding fetish DP scene!

mira latex dp sex in venice

Scarlett Revell’s amazing choice of fetish outfits make Mira’s DP a unique and special fetish delight!

Whether Mira is taking a modern cowgirl DP, reverse cowgirl DP or a very impressive legs-up reverse cowgirl DP, (fully exposing the garters and latex dress that surround her ass!) it’s all outstanding thanks to Scarlett Revell’s perfect choice of fetish wardrobe (Scarlett Revell has masterfully selected these costumes from Atsuko Kudo).

Fetish Accessorize In Venice

Your ideal fantasy sex scenes expertly captured are one thing, but having such beauties dressed with the perfect kinky accessories, is another! Henessy will blow you away with her heels (during intense reverse cowgirl DP’s) and stunning latex pasties. Mira will treat you to her latex stockings and heels while riding and taking hot DP after hot DP and Irina Bruni, steals the couples spot light with a scorching studded latex stocking scene with matching studded gloves!

irina bruni latex stockings sex in venice

Irina Bruni steals the spotlight for the couples fetish sex scene! Her studded latex stocking and gloves are memorizing throughout!

Site-Seeing In Venice

Other things to look out for during your lustful stay in Venice are fetish lipstick blowjobs. There are a ton of them here but they don’t stand out more than Hanessy’s double BJ (leaving a coat of seamen over half of her face!). Irina Bruni lets cum shoot all over her lipstick face with a warm smile…but Mira steals the facial spot-light by receiving half a face full of cum while cheek-bulging the other cock!

samantha bentley sex in venice

Samantha Bentley gives a fantastic anal sex performance. It may have been taken off here, but her boobs bouncing out of her latex bra during anal riding, are mesmerizing!

Kerry’s sequin skirt-like suspender belt surrounds and hugs her ass cheeks superbly during ass-exposed positions but you won’t quite see an anal scene like Samantha Bentley’s. Her perfect tits pop-out through her latex bra during an amazing reverse cowgirl anal scene that makes Samantha squeal while rolling her eyes back into her head! Samantha Bentley’s riding and anal-taking expressions are second to none!

Sex In Venice Review Verdict:

Scarlett Revell’s Sex In Venice is a pure celebration of the costume fetish. Before this, the fetish was buried beneath bondage, mask wearing and other similar niches. While such movies were still great to enjoy, a pure and expertly filmed costume fetish experience was neglected…until now. Scarlett Revell has given the industry the costume movie it needs. Stunning women in beautiful outfits and elegant locations, captured on camera in a way that enhances and frames this beautiful fetish. No other director understands costume fetish like Scarlett Revell.

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The Fetish Sex Blog’s Sex In Venice DVD Review Result:

9.8 out of 10

BUY IT FOR: Hanassy and Mira’s amazing latex DP’s  – An amazing anal performance with a latex twist from Samantha Bentley – A hot couples fetish scene with Irina Bruni in studded latex stockings and matching gloves! – The costume fetish movie the adult biz has been waiting for!

CONSIDER: Buying it. Keeping it. Getting your partner to wear the outfits in it (or wearing them for your partner).

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