Elly Akira AKA Yuka Osawa in Hot Clubwear

Check out these stunning pics of Japanese pornstar sensation Elly Akira, posing in tight (and very revealing) clubwear!

Elly Akira (formally known as Yuka Osawa) shows us her sexy clubwear curves before mounting a lucky table for some hot close-up shots!

elly akira aka yuka osawa clubwear

Elly Akira looks amazing in her nice, tight clubwear outfit!

Our Elly doesn’t need a pole! All this Japanese beauty needs is a table to bump n’ grind you to ecstasy!

elly akira clubwear

Elly Akira doesn’t need a pole…she’ll blow you away with just a table!

Elly Akira gives us a hot close-up between her amazing legs. Imagine this beauty bouncing up and down your shaft! Well, guess what? With all the work that went into creating her very own sex toy…this is exactly what Elly Akira wants!

yuka osawa clubwear close up

Elly Akira gives us a hot close-up as she rides the camera!

We’ll bring you a whole lot more from the beautiful Elly Akira, real soon!

3 Responses to “Elly Akira AKA Yuka Osawa in Hot Clubwear”

  1. PNF says:

    Wow. What an incredible outfit on an incredible body.

  2. WendyW says:

    This Japanese girl looks very cute wearing that hot clubwear. She looks very young and innocent but a lot of guys preferred that than fierce and seductive looking girls. She also looks like a Japanese doll.

  3. BlueDude says:

    Elly Akira you looking so hot in this beautiful sexy dress. I like your this most unique sexiest pose.

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