Red Hot Jam 222 – Erika

Premium Pussy Red Hot Jam is now renowned for offering some of the best Asian porn in the business. The most beautiful Japanese pornstars are dressed to impress and ready to take on anything!

Red Hot Jam 222 stars the gorgeous Erika. Imagine a wide-eyed manga babe with perfect tits and you pretty much have Erika. In fact, you could easily be forgiven for thinking that most hentai babes were based on her!

japanese maid erika

Erika looks just like one of those cute hentai babes. Hmmmm now to select the right reply…

Red Hot Jam 222 sees Erika cosplay, take on 2 guys at once, be teased with sex toys and even get totally soaked in sexy oil!

Here are some highlights of the movie:

 red hot jam 222 erika maid

Red Hot Jam sees Erika teased with sex toys, smeared with oil and pounded by multiple cocks!

The direction really works Erika’s hot rack. The horny guys do a great job of that too!

red hot jam 222 erika tits

Erika’s tits are amazing and the director of Premium Pussy Red Hot Jam 222 knows it!


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Take a look at another stunning promo shot for Erika’s Red Hot Jam release:

Erika Red Hot Jam 222

Erika pulls up her skirt for a sizzling Red Hot Jam 222 promo photo

Our favourite bit of Premium Pussy Red Hot Jam 222 is when Erika pleasures both cocks at the same time! One between her tits and the other down her throat! If you ask us, you just don’t see enough of this. Even in boob sex niche movies!

red hot erika tit fuck bj

Erika generously pleasures both cocks with her mouth and bulging breasts!

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