Jessica May: Don’t Call Me Bitch!

Next up we have the stunning Jessica May, fetish wear and a scorching DP. But that’s not the only thing that makes this scene so hot. Trust us, you NEED to watch this scene. Every fetish DP needs a little dominance!

Jessica May is brought to a stage and worked over by two hard tools. Our beauty doesn’t mind getting straight to the action. No introductions and no cuddles, as Jessica May is immediately lowered to the ground for a double BJ!

Jessica May double bj

There’s no time for small talk. Let’s see how you handle two stiff ones in your face at the same time!

Jessica’s up for anything! Stuffing both hard tools in her mouth at once, deep throating and spitting all over those stiff cocks, for some extra lubrication!

jessica may cock spit

Add a little dominance

In the heat of the moment, the guys bend Jessica over for a hot anal spitroast! Whilst she gets her ass drilled by one guy, the other demands that she refer to herself as a ‘bitch’. Jessica continuously ignores and refuses this request.

Jessica May spitroast

Jessica reminds us of the character from the Barb Wire movie. Everyone wants to fuck her… but don’t call her babe (or in Jessica May’s case, ‘Bitch’)

After a few minutes of hot ‘n hard anal…Jessica finally gives in!

i bitch spit roast

‘I BITCH!’ Jessica shouts, before opening her mouth to devour his cock! Now they have her just where they want her! Time for some hot DP action!

jessica may dp

Jessica May looks amazing as she generously satisfies both cocks. We love the good ‘ol double penetration position

To enjoy this amazing Jessica May DP, click here to be taken directly to the movie page on Private. Enjoy!

We’ll have more fetish double penetration delights, soon.

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