Aletta Ocean – Nightsuckers Latex DP

Our latest must-see DP scene sees Aletta Ocean, dressed to impress in tight latex and stockings! The big-boobed beauty plays a sex-crazed vampire, who drinks her victims dry (but only after draining their balls!).


Aletta Ocean looks amazing in her latex vampire outfit!

Aletta’s lipstick and amazing cocksucking skills, almost steal this entire scene! Thing is, there’s simply too much to love about it, as Aletta Ocean goes from one amazing position to another!


Aletta’s lipstick cocksucking skills, highlight a hot cheek-bulge to perfection!

Very few pornstars share Aletta’s ability to strike that perfect pose. Many only accomplish it when being instructed to in photoshoots, but Aletta Ocean manages this during the scene! Every position is just about as scorching as it can possibly be!


Very few can pose like Aletta during filming. She makes even the regular 2-on-1 positions, look utterly mesmerising!

Both standard and reverse DP positions are performed in this amazing scene, but Aletta Ocean’s first double penetration is out best. Once again, it’s all down to Aletta’s posture that make this so hot to watch. Easily one of BRAZZERS best DP scenes and possibly one of the best latex fetish DP scenes, ever!


The main event! Aletta Ocean lets those tools pound her in both holes. This is easily one of our best latex DP scenes!

Look up BRAZZERS latest scenes, to watch Aletta satisfy these lucky guys in her red latex, stockings and heels!

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