POV Sex hasn’t been around for long, in fact we would say it’s one of the newest additions to the adult movie world, but also one of the most successful (in terms of life span vs success rate).You not only have DVD’s filmed to a POV theme, but entire adult websites, dedicated to POV Sex.

POV Sex has one main aim and that is to place you (the viewer) straight into the action, face first!. The objective is to make the viewer feel as if they were actually there, with every spank, suck and pump adding to the fantasy. However, many viewers (such as us) just love the way in which a well made POV movie/scene displays specific sex positions, really up close and ‘In your face’.

The POV Sex movie will have many very hot moments, which regular adult films can struggle to capture. We’re going to take you through these hot moments and show you just why POV Sex is so huge online right now.

She teases you – POV Style

Even non-hardcore moments are really hot in POV!

Even non-hardcore moments are really hot in POV!

A babe teasing POV style, really has to be seen. Simple things like her gently touching or stroking, can really have a hot effect. Combine that with sexy talk and hot looks and you don’t get a better sex scene starting, than a POV one!

A hot babe begging – POV Style!

A hot babe begging, seem sexulay magnified when in POV!

A hot babe begging, seems sexually amplified when in POV!

Here we have the first of the awesome views, you only get in POV!

Here we have the first of the awesome views, you only get in POV!

Begging and teasing are just put to the extreme in a POV scene. If you loved them in regular adult films, than seeing them in a first person view is really erotic, but if you’re new to the whole thing, POV Sex will just make you appreciate the build up of an adult movie.

The POV blowjob, prepare for a whole lot more!

Blowjobs are important in adult films. They build up the heat and are really hot to watch. POV takes the same thing that’s been in every porn film for years, but gives it a new and refreshing edge. Now, you’re eye to eye, watching as she licks up and down and loving the way she bulges that cock out of one cheek. Everything is amplified this way, from the way she deep throats, to the way she slaps the cock against one cheek.

Hot, hard sex – POV Style!

POV angles, deliver much more than normal movies

POV angles, deliver and show much more than normal movies

Sex positions. There are plenty of them, but when you see certain ones in POV, they just look much more intense and hot. Naughty extras, such as spanking or fingering, just seem more erotic taboo, than they usually would.

The climax – POV Style!

Lets be honest, most of you would love to see a facial, or a nice big load across the tits right? POV can take an erotic scenario that you thought never really appealed to you and make it hot again!

POV gives that essential climax, much more variety

POV gives that essential climax, much more variety

Well that’s our little guide to the POV fetish. If you’ve never seen a POV movie before, give it a try. There is a huge collection of POV sites out there, so get crawling!

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    Holy shit! I want to fuck someone like her right now!

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