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Review Updated: March 2013

Recently Private have updated their preview design area. It now looks more modern and gives a much better idea of the vast amount content you’ll receive, once you become a member.

private adult site warning

Private’s new adult warning notice. There’s a lot of hardcore content in here!

Lets sign-up with, enter our user name and password and lets see what’s in the members section:

private porn site preview

See what we mean about hardcore? This is just Private’s preview section!

STARS, MOVIES and MAGAZINES, are the three main categories you’ll be looking at, once you join. There clearly viewable at the very top of the website, so lets break them down and show you what each one will offer you:


A very thoughtful and useful addition. If you can’t remember a pornstars name or can only remember that pretty face in that particular Private film, but have no idea what it was called…head straight here. Simply select your star from a photo gallery list to then be presented with every hardcore scene they’ve ever appeared in with Private!

PRIVATE Movies Never Looked sooooo GOOOOOOOOD!

private latest porn movies

Once signed in, you’ll want to check out Private’s HUGE collection of movies…but there’s still tons more to enjoy!

The next of our three main Private tabs, is “Movies”. Clicking this will allow you to not only navigate through every red hot movie and scene, but you’ll finally be able to view Hi-Rez photos of such scenes that you never even thought existed! Yup…not only do Private have every new movie and scene ready with super high quality images, but all your old classics such as Private, Pirate Fetish, Superfuckers and Private Tropical etc. now have hi-res photo shoots for you to sit back and enjoy! We couldn’t believe, that we could still view hi-rez photoshoots of ‘House of the She Wolves’…but we couldand we loved it! ain’t no shitty “free streaming” site! Stream OR download movies in high quality!

The movie choice that offers is superb! Their entire collection is available to either stream in your browser or fully download, for viewing whenever you like, however you like!

private dp movie

All private movies come with hi-rez photo sets! Look out for this awesome Private DP movie!

As you can see in the screenshots, you’ll always have an option to stream OR download your movie with amazing speed. Plus, Private’s entire archive is available, meaning that you can not only download their new releases…but all their classic movies, too!


Watch this hot trailer of Rihanna Samuel in a hot pink nurse costume, fucking 2 guys:

* latest scene trailer


Clips and Photos

After already being spoilt with the huge choice of newly released and classic private movies, we were blown away with option to view and download Hi-Rez photoshoot sets! In order to view such hot Hi-Rez pics, you simply scroll your page down slightly (from were the movie viewer is in our pics, above) and then you’re presented with the individual scenes. Again, you can click on them to make them play in the browser, or you can download them all one at a time!

Just above these clip images is the option ‘Pictures’. Clicking this will open another window where you’ll be presented with all the available photos for your chosen Private movie. Clicking one will make it appear to the right of the page, slightly bigger…but clicking that image again, will open the Hi-Rez photo. If you don’t want to click through or save these photos individually, you can even download a zip file containing the entire Hi-Rez set!

private movie hirez photos

Scroll down and select any scene from the movie or even your favorite part of a scene!

Click the “Pictures” tab at the top of the screen and you’re presented with the entire set of red hot Hi-Rez photos!

private dvd hi rez photos

Feast your eyes on an entire hi-rez photoshoot of your favorite Private movie! Jane Darling is freakin’ hot!

As you can see above, clicking an image to the left of the window presents you with a slightly larger image on the right. However, if you click that slightly larger image, you get the super hot Hi-Rez photo, right in your face!

Wanna see what the hi-rez photo looks like? We thought you might! Click the link below for the Hi-Rez photo of Jane Darling in a maid costume, pleasuring two cocks:

Jane Darling French Maid Costume Sex – Hi Rez Photo Example

Private Magazines

Private have not only been leaders of high quality adult movies, but stunning adult magazines too. It’s great to see the entire collection still available but this time you get the option to either download the full pdf magazine, view every page in your browser, download a zip file of all pages in jpeg images, or even save individual jpeg photos of your favorite pages!

private magazines

Private, Pirate, Sex, Triple x and Private Specials are all here to view and download to keep!

All Private’s latest and classic magazine releases are available to view and download. You can search by brand (Pirate, Triple x etc.), year of release and you can even click on a pornstars name, to be presented with every Private magazine that performer has ever appeared in!

pirate magazines

Every Private magazine can be downloaded to your computer. Lilian Tiger looks stunning in latex!

Full DVD’s, Movie scenes, Hi-Rez photoshoots and the best adult magazines in the business, are not the only things on offer with You’ll also get access to Private Live, where you can chat to sexy babes for free via webcam! Private have even awarded all new members with $12 free credit to purchase ‘Private time’, where you can get totally explicit with the girls and ask them to do anything you want!

private live chat babes

Choose your babe and chat with her. Then use your free credit to make her do anything you want! There are now even couples available, willing to perform live sex shows just for you!

The Fetish Sex Blog on the new PRIVATE.COM has undergone a lot of work recently and it’s clear from the very first time you enter, that much research and hard work has been carried-out to make the new what it is. Latest updates are now easy to find and the websites overall navigation is much easier to get to grips with. The ability to find any movie via title, scene name or pornstar is superb and categories have been made even easier, with new and special categories such as ‘fetish uniforms’ being available to the member!

Private are world leaders in adult entertainment and have been for years. This makes sure the movies, images and magazines are plentiful and are always updated with both classic and current releases. The movie and clip systems are well thought out and easy to use, but the Hi-Rez photoshoots of every Private movie, make the new an absolute must! It’s clear the Private team have listened to their members and have provided an adult site that’s incredibly easy to use and offers content that far outdoes its small sign-up fee. After only becoming a member for one day, you’ll soon agree that offers more than enough adult content and has the site to match it. guarantees one thing…you’ll have to drag yourself away from it!

The Fetish Sex Blog gives the new

10 out of 10

BECOME A MEMBER FOR: – Private’s entire collection of adult DVD’s, Movie Scenes, Hi-Rez Movie Photoshoots and Magazines – Super fast download speeds of up to 1.2MB per second (averages around 1MB) – The ability to play movies in your browser AND download them to keep – Hi-rez photoshoots of every Private Movie – Excellent pornstar and movie search system

CONSIDER: Losing sleep

If you’ve enjoyed our review and want to see just how good this updated adult site is,  check out the new PRIVATE.COM

The Fetish Sex Blog will bring you more adult site reviews, soon.

9 Responses to “PRIVATE.COM – Full Website Review!”

  1. monsa says:

    Not sure about the new front page for The other one allowed you to see all the updated movies. Don’t get me wrong through, the new front page is hotter with much larger previews :o)

  2. arcor says:

    Thanks for the review. I like what they’ve done with their new homepage.

  3. Private Porno Site says:

    It’s good to see some in-depth porn site reviews. has always appealed to me but I was never sure if they’d have good photos of older movies, but it seems like they do! :O) Thanks again for the review!

  4. ANON says:


  5. says:

    Hi prvdude.

    The website will automatically change to whatever country you’re visiting from. We’ve been told that all versions of have the same content, but just with different promotions for different countries.

    Hope that helps?

  6. prvdude says:

    Is this review for the US site or is there just one site for all?

  7. AceMan says:

    The double penetration section is SICK! The best I’ve seen! So many DP MOVIES!

  8. Dabbler says:

    Nice review! But who is DAT babe taking dat cock in dat leather skirt! KINNN’ HOTTTT!

  9. Jaz says:

    That is one detailed review of bro! I’ve been wantin to see the members area forever!

    That Sex Therapy shot…DAMN!

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