Women in Uniform

One particular fetish that is gaining popularity with every year that passes, is the uniform fetish. This is often called ‘Role-Play’ as one person (or both) will dress up in whatever turns the other person on. There is a huge collection of sexy adult costumes to choose from online as the fetish market is really expanding now, with stores that specialise in just about every form of costume kink.

Military unifroms look hot on the female body

Julie Silver looking stunning in a sexy military uniform!

Working uniforms are often used for such fetishes but of course…with added fetish twists! PVC, Caps, bursting cleavage, short skirts, high heels, boots, garter belts and whatever else our dirty minds can think of!

The nurses costume is an all time favorite

The nurses costume is an all time favourite!

Being as there are so many specialist online stores, it means that you can get hold of many different designs of uniforms. For example, there are many nurse costumes out there for couples to have fun with. Some are latex and are very tight fitting for a sexy bust, while others are loose and are designed to leave certain areas exposed:

A nurse uniform with some sexy benifits

A sexy nurse costume that leaves very little to the imagination. Perfect for a bouncing-cowgirl treat!

Sexy uniforms can also be mixed and matched with stockings, high heels, boots and many more items which can just add to the sexy fun. Get creative and live-out your ideal costume fetish porn scene!

A hot air hostess - There are so many sexy uniforms out there to try

A hot, latex air hostess! There are so many sexy uniforms out there. Give them all a go!

Uniforms are superb for spicing up things in the bedroom, so get online and start shopping around for your ideal sexy uniform now.

We’ll have much more on sexy uniforms, with adult movie scene previews and full fetish DVD reviews! Keep it at Fetish Sex Blog!

2 Responses to “Women in Uniform”

  1. Mouse says:

    What happened to new sites and fresh movies of babes in hot uniforms and costumes! It’s the same stuff everywhere you look! WE WANT MORE!

  2. Daniel G says:

    That Julie Silver scene was amazing! She’s off the chain in that sexy army costume!

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