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Recently, we took a look into free late night adult channels. These were channels that anyone could receive via Free-view for absolutely nothing. No subscription, monthly installments, or even a one off nightly payment.

We explained how such channels started, as well as their benefits over existing PPV channels. Free-view channels such as Party Girls, offered gorgeous women dressed up in fetish wear and all from just 10pm until around 5am. It seemed too good to be true…and then so very nearly was, due to the carelessness of a few. Because of regulation breaches, many were taken off air without notice to their viewers.

However, it seems that a new channel has emerged on Free-view, with the same idea but with much more strict guidelines for the performers. One obvious tough regulation you”ll notice, is the airtime. PARTYLAND is the new free adult channel to grace Free-view screens, but if you want to catch these gorgeous women, then you’ll need a coffee or two, as this party kicks of every night from 1am.


PARTYLAND is the new free-view adult channel


A warning notice before PARTYLAND begins. You get the feeling the producers worked flat out to air PARTYLAND...and we're glad they did!

The big question is…is it worth the wait. Is it worth you staying up until 1am to catch this new and free adult channel. YES!

We sat down patiently, in the hope that everything that had made these free late night adult channels so special, hadn’t been stripped down to a cheap chat & date meeting. The warning came on (above) and we were greeted by two stunning ladies, split screen style:

Karina Currie and Daryl

Karina Currie and Daryl Morgan warm the evening up

As these two beauties lay there, we started to feel that this could be it. What if the regulations had been so strict this time around, that all these ladies could do is wink at you? I don’t think it would’ve lived up to it’s name if that had been the case. After all, it’s 1am and the name PARTYLAND must be on the screen for a reason right?

Well fear not, as moments later the party really did begin and we we’re given a taste of what was to come, as the lovely Daryl Morgan presented us with a reason to be cheerful (two actually):

Thank god for that...and so the party begins

Thank god for that...and so the party begins!

PARTYLAND uses a new split screen approach to get things warmed up. You’ll have two gorgeous women (Karina & Daryl) and one of these ladies will talk you through what’s happening during this hot night, while the other will show off her truly gorgeous curves and use her talents to make you wish you weren’t wearing jeans.

If you’re starting to fear that the screen displays like this throughout, fear not. As soon as the main presenter (presenters will change around from night to night) has finished talking about the evening ahead, the screen will retract to normal and you can feast your eyes on what PARTYLAND is all about. Gorgeous babes, gorgeous curves and no subscriptions at all!

We have to say it, Daryl has the best pair of breasts we've seen.

We have to say it, Daryl has the best pair of on-screen breasts we've seen...and this is FREE!

Daryl Morgan is gorgeous and has curves to die for. PARTYLAND is very lucky to have such a babe, so we suggest you tune in and catch this beauty when you can. She has a beautiful body and can really work the camera with her sexy looks and stunning poses. Daryl only has to look at you with a dominant stare and you’re unable walk…for some time actually.

One of Daryls sexy poses. She really has the body and moves to match

One of Daryl's sexy poses. She really has the body and moves to match.

Daryl Morgan is a regular presenter on PARTYLAND and we hope she continues to perform on this channel for a long time to come. You can view more information about Daryl Morgan, as well as sexy photos and hiring information, by heading to the Daryl Morgan Official Website

Joining Daryl, was the gorgeous Karina Currie. We’ve seen Karina on other channels before and this babe has raw talent. From the moment she hits your screen, her expressions, posses and choice of stunning sexy wear (we loved her boots) will take your breath away. You really understand why babes such as Daryl and Karina are chosen, as you don’t even need the sound on to enjoy their performances. Karina always looks totally stunning and will always surprise you with corsets, latex wear and many other kinky and sexy items.


Karina Currie looks stunning as she prepares to give a lucky caller, the best call of their life


She just looks amazing and we haven't even got onto what's she's wearing yet!

You all know this is a fetish blog and Karina Currie never fails to deliver with her sexy wear. The very first time we saw this beauty, she was in thigh high boots and a latex corset. We couldn’t take our eyes off for a second and her curves, talent on screen (we swear her callers only last about 30 seconds) just add to her amazing fetish wardrobe. Check out those high heel, thigh highs. Karina’s stunning legs were meant for them.

Karina Currie in stunning thigh high boots. We love her!

Karina Currie in stunning thigh high boots. We love her!

Karina is a very talented performer and she’s not afraid to be adventurous with her clothing (we love that with adult performers). We also hope to see Karina on PARTYLAND for a long time to come and just hope she continues to blow us away with her fantastic choice of clothing.

Karina Currie has a superb website, with high resolution photos, videos and webcams. To join, head over to the Karina Currie Official Website

PARTYLAND delivers exactly what you want from a late night adult channel. It still offers a full adult experience and allows viewers to txt in, call the babes (who are live on-screen), or simply sit back and enjoy a great night of adult TV. Lets hope we see more fetish wear from the gorgeous babes, such as boots, costumes and uniforms (maids, nurses, schoolgirls, cops etc.) and kinky latex wear. There would be nothing better than seeing the gorgeous Daryl in some seriously sexy kinky wear. Our fingers are crossed anyway!

PARTYLAND is a superb 100% FREE channel and offers some incredibly talented and gorgeous performers. PARTYLAND is available to everyone with a free-view box/TV and is available every night from 1am on channel 50.

Remember to re-tune or auto tune your free-view box, if you can’t see PARTYLAND on channel 50. Many free-view boxes are different with their set up, so use your remotes ‘menu‘ button and look for anything along the lines of  Auto Tune, Auto Prog (or programme) or even Channel Setup.

8 Responses to “PartyLand – Free Fetish TV at 1pm”

  1. don says:

    Please daryl will you marry me ? Because I cant keep on wanking on your pictures

  2. AsSLoveEr says:

    you can catch partyland sooner on the website at 9o’clock

  3. CrisBetewsky says:

    You know, I don’t read blogs. But yours is really worth beeing read.

  4. admin says:

    You’ll all be pleased to hear that we have an interview with Daryl Morgan, coming to the Fetish Sex Blog very soon!

  5. Anono says:

    Daryl is GORGEOUS! Well worth staying up for! PARTYLAND is great!

  6. JaneRadriges says:

    Hi, interest post. I’ll write you later about few questions!

  7. admin says:

    Hi Mike,

    The girls are very hot and it’s one of the many things which help PARTYLAND offer such a great service. Yeah, 1am can be a pain sometimes, but at least it prevents minors from watching it, then giving reason for PARTYLAND to be taken down.

    At least this way, we can all enjoy this great channel…for FREE!


    The Fetish Sex Blog

  8. Mike says:

    Partyland rocks! I just wish it was a little earlier, but who cares…well worth staying up for, the girls are gorgeous!


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