Sophie Howard in Stunning Red Latex

Looking stunning in a black rubber suit, while promoting Sony’s ‘Killzone’ for the Playstation 2, Sophie Howard has more tight and sexy goodness for us all. It seems this beauty really likes the tight and shiny look, as we’ve managed to get our hands on pics and vids, of more stunning latex and rubber photo shoots for magazines such as Loaded and Bizzare.

One latex shoot that had our mouths wide open, was a red latex dress shoot, for Loaded. We all love to think of a beautiful woman in tight latex, but Sophie manages to break all our expectations, by giving Loaded’s lucky camera crew, some of the hottest latex photos, their computers have ever displayed.

sophie howard red latex dress

KAPOW! Sophie blows us away, with an incredible look in tight, red latex. It makes you wanna take up photography!

Sophie Howard looks absolutely amazing. Latex and rubber seem to love this lady and we’re REALLY grateful for it! The latex is one super hot thing, but Sophie is also showing off a pair of what could be, some of the most perfect breasts we’ve ever laid our eyes upon. We’re honestly starting to believe, that Sophie Howard isn’t real…she could be a perfectly created fembot! Sorry Sophie…we’re onto you! Your shoots are too perfect!

sophie howard tight latex dress

WOW! Those boobs are just amazing. Give us a moment, will you.................................................................

OK…so the technology may not be here, in order for Sophie Howard to be a fully functioning, walking and talking fembot. BUT…she is ridiculously perfect and beautiful and we just hope she continues to treat us all, to mesmerizing latex photo shoots.

We think we may even have to name Sophie Howard…the ‘Queen of Latex’. What do you guys think?

We’ll DEFINATLY have more on Sophie Howard and her amazing fetish shoots, as soon as we find em’!

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3 Responses to “Sophie Howard in Stunning Red Latex”

  1. ben says:

    i just love her i think she has the most amazing boobs i have ever seen
    natural ones are my favorite i dont like fake boobs

  2. Yes,I agree with you,we could call her the “Queen of Latex” instead of Sophie Howard

  3. anon says:

    Definatly the queen, she is stunning!

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