Vivid to Seduce the 360

In the on-going battle to bring adult entertainment to home consoles, Vivid bravely approached Sony, for streaming rights on PSN. It seemed a superb idea as owners could easily access an age restricted area of PSN, to then have hot adult entertainment streamed on demand. VOD (Video On Demand) adult movies have been online for years, so it was about time that console makers, got in on this money-maker.

But…after months and months of negotiations, Vivid were let down by Sony, as they have now officially pulled away from such an idea. Just when Vivid thought they’d hit a home run for the adult industry, Sony go an pull the console market out from under them. The strange thing is, that Sony have already allowed an adult movie streaming channel, in Japan. Why does the Japanese PSN have EVERYTHING!

Porn on PSN

PSN already has an adult movie channel in Japan, so what the hell is Sony's problem!

We’re not sure why Sony seem to be so tight with the adult laws over here (it would obviously have to be softcore, as hardcore STILL has not been legalised in the UK). Sony could make huge amounts, streaming softcore adult movies and if the age restriction was well thought out and built properly, there is no reason why UK adult gamers and Blu-Ray watchers, couldn’t enjoy adult entertainment on their PS3 wonderbox.

We don’t know about you, but we’re feed up of shitty free streaming sites, around the internet. The movies are all the same and 80% of them are just trailers from adult sites, trying to get you to head over to them and sign-up. We don’t want rubbish-low quality streams, we want high quality movies, on a trusted network, like Sony’s PSN!

secretary xbox

With a bit of luck, Vivid can seduce the powers of Xbox LIVE

It’s over to Microsoft now, as Vivid have now focused their full attention on offering Xbox LIVE, the chance to make serious money (sorry…a lot more money) on streaming adult entertainment. Put your hands up if you’ve ever watched adult movies on your PS3 or 360? OK…now EVERY ONE OF YOU, PUT YOUR HANDS BACK DOWN…Sony, Microsoft, wise up and get with the times. If adults want to stream an adult movie on PSN or Xbox LIVE, they should have the right to do so!

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