Exclusive Review: PRIVATE X-Treme – All Girl Fight Club

Pro wrestling and mixed martial arts have all gained tremendous popularity, over the past few years. WWE (formally WWF) was the first to propel over-the-top adrenaline soaked testosterone, to pay-per-view stardom. After wrestling hit box office, UFC got it’s act together (as it was first banned in many states and countries) and has become a huge world-wide event, taking mixed martial art experts and offering full-on toe-to-toe battles, until one is left standing.

Adrenaline, testosterone, grappling and hot babes (both in the ring and ringside in WWE and UFC), it’s something that could easily be crafted into full-on adult entertainment. Simply take some babes with grappling skills, dress them in skimpy bikini’s and allow totally uncut footage, with hardcore domination sex. Mix this all together and you have Private’s latest release…All Girl Fight Club.

Fetish Sex: All Girl Fighting, Dominating Sex, Lesbian Sex

Review Type: Full DVD         Movie: PRIVATE X-treme – All Girl Fight Club    Release: August 2010

private all girl fight club

All Girl Fight Club offers 6 lesbian fighters, all going toe-to-toe (or knee-to-knee) with each other across 16 hot and sweaty rounds. The winner will get to humiliate her opponent, with some red hot strap-on sex!

Female Cast
Adrianna Nicole
Madison Young
Sharon Darling
Sud Black

All Girl Fight Club gives wrestling and mixed martial arts, a new and sexy twist. As soon as you start the DVD there’s no messing around and you’re taken right to the battle arena, where the first lesbian fighters give their opinions on their opponents. As they talk themselves up (and put their opponents down) their fighting stats are displayed to the side of the screen. This pre-match system will continue throughout the fights and adds a authentic and realistic touch.

all girl fight club Madison Young VS Sharon Darling

The DVD kicks-off with Madison Young VS Sharon Darling. Don't be fooled by the pre-match posing...the wrestling is all real!

Six babes will fight each other for your home-viewing delight. At first we thought the pre-match interviews and fighting, would be scripted but…to our delight the fights are full-on and real! If you’re going to do a lesbian fighting DVD, you’ve got to do it full-on and Private have done just that!

All Girl Fight Club - Syd Black VS Adrianna Nicole

Syd Black VS Adrianna Nicole

We’re really impressed with the attention to detail, by Private. The wrestling ring looks authentic and very convincing and the cast play their parts really well, going all-out to pin each other down and rip at sexy bikini’s and thongs!

All Girl Fight Club Ariel VS Brix

Ariel VS Brix

As we mentioned before, the wrestling isn’t scripted…it’s all real! The babes start out with an light hearted arm wrestle on the floor, to warm things up. However, these babes will fly at each other like animals as soon s the ref gives his signal. Each female wrestler will try to gain points, by slamming their opponent to the floor, placing them in submission locks or by removing all or sections, of their bikini set. As they throw each other about, the camera will treat you to close-up shots of sexy asses and boobs bursting out of bikini’s.

Madison vs sharon exposed tits

One of the aims of the game is to rip off your opponents bikini set! This leads to some dirty tactics that are really hot to watch!

Amongst the hot eye-full of bouncing boobs, asses and pussies, these girls are trying their very hardest to lock their opponent still and rip off their entire bikini set. Of course, this is no ordinary wrestling…this is hot n’ dirty lesbian wrestling, so expect some dirty tactics too:

Click the image below for a Hi-Rez photo:

syd vs adrianna tit squeeze

Syd makes good use of Adrianna's big tits, by giving them a hot squeeze to disrupt her focus!

The director (Kink) always makes sure you have the best angle on the action. These babes are tearing each others bikini’s off like their lives depended on it, so there’s always plenty of erotic exposures to be found…and Kink is always there at the right time.

all girl fight club ariel brix pussy

As the babes grapple n' roll, we get a red hot eye-full

As you can see, this is wrestling with a hot difference! We love how dirty tactics come into play and this makes the fighting even more enjoyable for viewers. If the bouncing tits, round asses and dirty tit squeezing doesn’t excite you, maybe the fact that these babes are giving their all for hot submissive strap-on sex, will!

One match is near it’s end. The babes are exhausted, sweaty and have squeezed, spanked and licked there way to the end. Time sounds and the camera turns to the score-screen, where the winner will be decided. Just as you thought the hot grappling and dirty fighting were hot enough, the winners hand is raised and it’s now time for her to collect her prize…her opponent! It’s time for the winner to caryy out some hot n’ hard domination sex. Trust us…hot strap-on sex is just the beginning, this is the hottest lesbian sex you’ll have seen in a long time!

Click the images below for larger Hi-Rez versions:

all girl fight club hard strap on sex

The variations of strap-on sex, are hot and incredibly intense!

It sure pays to be the winning wrestler. The dominating fighter in the ring, gets to be the dominating sex mistress…well…back in the ring!

all girl fight club strap on bj

A strap-on BJ never looked so hot!

When we say ‘Dominating’ we really mean just that! The winners grab there bitches by their hair and stuff their mouth, pussy and ass with some strap-on love!

all girl fight club strap on sex

In the middle of the ring, up against a wall or slammed down against the floor...the sex just gets hotter as the fights continue!

The winning wrestlers can do anything they feel the urge to do. They can even bring their own personal fetishes to the ring, which is amazing to watch!

all girl fight club foot lick

The lesbian fighters even bring their secret fetishes, to the ring...

Click the links below for harder images (please be advised that the following images are 100% hardcore):

Strap-on sex on the floor
Acrobatic penetration
Up-close dogie style strap-on sex

The Fetish Sex Blog on PRIVATE X-treme – All Girl Fight Club

One thing is for sure…if you’re a lesbian that loves kinky sex, or you’re a porn lover who simply loves lesbian sex in general, you’re going to absolutely love this! PRIVATE have done a great job in creating a believable tournament, with authentic and well thought-out rules, fighting styles and a great set.

One thing we didn’t want to see, was completely scripted and rehearsed fights. That’s not the case here as all of these fights are genuine, which adds to the overall erotic feel of the DVD. There is nothing better than watching the real thing, as bikini’s get ripped off and boobs (and everything else) become totally exposed. The rules make the fights competitive and fun to watch, while the aim of them make some of the most erotic viewing, ever to carry a ‘lesbian sex’ label.

The fights are hot but that’s not the only thing to get excited about. The winners of every fight, get to perform hard and dominating sex acts on their opponents. Their aim is to humiliate them, while enjoying their own fantasies and fetishes. This is amazing to watch and highlights include:

A fighter slamming her opponent to the ground, to then fuck her hard with a strap on and then pick her up by the hair and stuff her dildo in her mouth!

A hot strap on screw against the wall of the ring!

A fighter who demands her opponent crawl around the ring on all-fours, as she’s fucked dogie style by a strap-on, the entire time!

There are obviously too many to mention and we don’t want to spoil it for you. There are multiple dominating acts carried out every fight, so we can easily say this film delivers on many levels. Private have taken a much loved all-girl fetish and have injected new life into it. What Private have created is probably one of the hottest lesbian sex movies, ever to be captured on DVD.

It’s obvious this movie will see a sequel and we’re all for it. The more well-known female talent that PRIVATE can introduce to such a series, the better. We have quite a few names on our ‘wish list’ so if you have such a list, let us know via the comments below and the director (Kink) just may make your fantasy line-up, become reality.

The Fetish Sex Blog gives PRIVATE X-treme – All Girl Fight Club:

9.5 out of 10

BUY IT FOR: Uncut and full-on lesbian wrestling (it ain’t fake) – Hot n’ dirty tactics that are great to watch – The most incredible lesbian strap-on sex/kinky fetish sex you’ll ever see

CONSIDER: This is full-on female wrestling with hard dominating sexual acts. It ain’t for everyone, but we loved it!

PRIVATE X-treme – All Girl Fight Club is released August 2010

2 Responses to “Exclusive Review: PRIVATE X-Treme – All Girl Fight Club”

  1. SamDam says:

    I love how it’s like Mortal Kombat. You get the ‘FINISH HER!’ but instead of decapitation…she fucks her hot opponent in the ass with a strap on. LOVE IT!

  2. Rich Ravish says:

    Nothing like a bit of girl-on-girl fighting! The fucking at the end of fights, is ace!

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