The Very Best Latex DP Scenes

Monique Covet

One of our best fetish DP scenes that perfectly demonstrates how vital the camera work can be. A hard close-up isn’t just what makes a hot DP, and this proves it, perfectly capturing the fun and excitement of double fucking a latex beauty!

monique covet latex dp

Monique Covet performing one of the hottest all-latex double penetration’s of all time! One of our all-time best DP scenes!

The scenes setting also helps create an amazing fantasy for the viewer. Kovi (director) films the DP, perfectly. Pulling away from the close-ups and panning around the action, to provide us with every squeeze, bounce and thrust of this intense latex DP!


Angel Dark

The beautiful Angel dark in a latex dress, makes this fetish DP scene, a keeper! We come away from the traditional DP and instead, focus on the modern position (anal guy stands instead of squatting over Angel Dark’s back). Susi Medusa (Director) gives us a perfect example of how you capture a hot latex DP, from just one angle!

angel dark latex cock ride

Angel Dark treats the guys to a double BJ, before getting down ‘n dirty with a hot DP…right at the start of the scene!

This is one hell of a “DP Lover Friendly” scene! The first hot double penetration comes at the beginning, immediately after the double latex blowjob. HOT!

angel dark latex boot dp

The fetish thrills don’t stop! Angel Dark even treats you to a reverse latex DP, fully exposing her hot black boots!

This masterpiece of latex DP film-making, also includes a steamy reverse DP. This scene is easily one of our all-time favourites as it ticks every box for performance, fetishwear and the best single-shot camera angels, we’ve ever seen in a fetish DP scene.

Victoria Swinger

Ever fancied watching a hard, rough and totally dominating latex DP? If that, latex, double penetration and a gorgeous babe in cock sucking lipstick are your thing, then you can’t miss this scene!

the cult victoria swinger

Victoria Swinger in her red hot and tight fetish dress. We love the sexy see-through touch!

While investigating in an abandoned garage, Victoria Swinger gets set upon by two masked studs and before she knows it, she’s being acrobatically taken all over the greasy work place! Victoria Swinger, sure has the lovely long pins for it!

Click the image below for a larger hardcore version:

the cult victoria swinger latex dp

A greasy garage and hot, sweaty latex DP sex! A perfect combination for adult entertainment.

After some hot acrobatic sex play, our disguised studs bend Victoria Swinger over a chair and carry out an amazing latex DP. This in one of the most intense and lustfully deep DP’s we’ve seen. It simply had to be on this list!

Nikki Anderson

A latex french maid is one thing but when it’s Nikki Anderson, finishing such a hot-look in latex stockings… it quite another! This hot scene by director – Frank Thring, will please all latex and costume fans and while the DP only comes in a reverse position, it still looks absolutely stunning (with Nikki Anderson’s latex stockings wrapped around her guy!).

nikki anderson pvc french maid

This could quite possibly be the best PVC french maid costume we’ve ever seen in an adult movie!

The reverse DP is amazing to watch as Nikki’s PVC stocking legs, are spread wide and high as she’s pumped in both holes. However, the build up to this DP could even be considered as the overall highlight (it’s that hot!). A stunning moment that will always remain in your head when thinking of hot french maids, will be when Nikki Anderson bends over on the stairs and gets stunningly spit-roasted. The camera work by Frank Thring, is superb here as it captures her gorgeous ass with those stunning legs in PVC stockings as well as some perfectly filmed anal sex!

Exclusive Photos

Below are two exclusive photos from the shoot of Love Me Deadly. Click the images below for a larger view of these hot and exclusive shots!:

nikki anderson french maid sex

Click for our first exclusive Nikki Anderson PVC maid Shot, from Love Me Deadly

This scene is easily one of the hottest PVC maid scenes, EVER! We hope you enjoy our two exclusive hardcore photos…you won’t find them anywhere else!

nikki anderson exclusive dp

Nikki Anderson PVC maid DP from Love Me Deadly!

We’ll be back soon with more ‘Best of’ fetish sex articles. Please feel free to let us know what you think by using the comments system below. We want your feedback on your top latex DP scenes! Simply leave an anonymous comment below (please feel free to type “anon” as your name) and let us know if you’ve found an awesome latex DP scene that wasn’t on our list above.

7 Responses to “The Very Best Latex DP Scenes”

  1. godece says:

    There is nothing hotter than a latex dressed babe taking two cocks! :D

  2. pasman says:

    Awesome! Double penetration latex sex is THE best!

  3. Henman4g says:

    That garage DP with Victoria Swinger was hot. That girl works latex and it was a shame she did so few.

  4. SplendorDP says:

    The DP in Splendor of Hell with Monique Covet, is easily one of my best latex double penetrations, ever!

  5. olivo says:

    Why the heck wasn’t that last DP image in the actual scene! Nikki Anderson looks freakin’ amazing in that maid number…they should have put ALL DP positions in!


  6. naman says:

    I miss Nikki Anderson! Her DP’s were amazing and that PVC maid scene was awesome!

  7. anon says:

    Monique Covet was amazing in that scene. Easily my fav DP!

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