Bianca Beauchamp – Watchmen Silk Spectre

Bianca Beauchamp Watcher

Bianca Beauchamp is the Watcher

If you’re crazy about beautiful babes in tight latex outfits, (like us) then feast your eyes on this awesome post! World famous latex fetish model Bianca Beauchamp, has treated all us Watchmen fans (and every other latex lover) to some truly incredible latex pictures of herself as the sexy butt-kicking heroine, Silk Spectre.

Bianca Beauchamp latex silk spectre

Bianca Beauchamp makes the perfect silk spectre, from the amazing Watchmen movie

Everyone who enjoyed the amazing Watchmen film and had a love for latex, couldn’t take their eyes of Silk Spectre as she suited and booted up, to take on the crime-filled streets once again. It wasn’t just the Night Owl who gasped as Silk Spectre strutted her latex butt down the stairs…I think we all did!

Bianca Beauchamp has treated us all to this stunning latex fantasy, by releasing a super-hot silk spectre photo shoot, on her latex fetish website Latex Lair. Here you’ll be treated to a fantastic series of photos, where Bianca Beauchamp plays the sexy Silk Spectre as she poses and seduces you!

Bianca Beauchamp watchmen babe

Hips, curves and stunning Silk Spectre latex...what more could a Watchmen fan want!

Bianca Beauchamp and the Watchmen babe, are a match made in heaven! What’s even better is that all of these photos from her Silk Spectre shoot, (and they get racier as they progress) are available in stunning Hi-Rez! Shiny latex is hot enough in Hi-Rez, but a sexy Bianca Beauchamp – Watchmen photo shoot, is just amazing!

bianca beauchamp watchmen silk spectre

Bianca Beauchamp sure has the perfect figure to bring a super-sexy Silk Spectre fantasy, to life!

The images above and below were edited and re-sized for loading speed, but members to Bianca Beauchamp’s official website will have access to the entire set of Silk Spectre Hi-Rez photo’s as well as her other amazing Hi-Rez latex shoots, that are released regularly every month!

Just for our readers, click the image below for a stunning and exclusive Hi-Rez photo, of this fetish model beauty as Silk Spectre:

bianca beauchamp watchmen hi rez

Click this image for an exclusive Hi-Rez peek, at the gorgeous Bianca as Watchman's Silk Spectre

To give you a small taste of what you can expect from Bianca’s stunning Silk Spectre shoot, here is a sneak thumbnail preview:

Bianca Beauchamp Watchmen

A thumb-sized preview into what super-hero latex goodness awaits, in the full Hi-Rez Watcher photo set!

We’ll be bringing you a lot more on Bianca Beauchamp and her amazing latex photo shoots, over the next coming months. Bianca is a very talented fetish model with a gifted photographer by her side (Martin Perreault). Bianca is now regarded as the best latex model in the business, so we’ll do our best to keep you posted on her new set releases. Trust us…they’re hot!

3 Responses to “Bianca Beauchamp – Watchmen Silk Spectre”

  1. Anon says:

    Bianca Beauchamp always looks amazing in latex! Get her back at E3!

  2. TinTin says:

    Bianca Beauchamp has the most gorgeous pair of tits in the most hottest form of latex, I’ve ever seen! I LOVE HER!!!!

  3. Rubber-Luv says:

    WOW! Bianca Beauchamp is hot in that Watchman costume! Her Sin ones were hot too!

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