Orgazmik Adult VOD – Full Review

Adult Video On Demand (VOD) is now becoming a huge hit with adult movie lovers. The idea of simply entering a user-name and password, browsing through a huge library of adult DVD’s and then viewing whenever you want to, has been too tempting for many. It never used to be so easy to find your fetish, but now we’re all just spoilt for choice…but from this fast, efficient and revolutionary adult service, comes a new problem…what VOD service do you choose?

Luckily for you guys, we’ve searched the net and found a worthy VOD website. No, it won’t look like so many adult VOD sites you’ve seen (and that’s one of the many reasons why we’re writing about it). They dare to be different not only with their unique design and website layout, but with a new and unique feature, too….

Sit back and let us take you around ORGAZMIK EUROPECandy for Adults:

orgazmik adult vod review

Simple but effective. Orgazmik's homepage delivers everything you need to easily navigate your way around and find the content you're after

The first thing you’ll notice with Orgazmik, is that everything is clear and simple. A useful search box greets you to the right, where you can search for your favorite pornstar, (for that must-watch scene), movie or even director. Many websites boast such a fancy search function, but it never truly delivers. Orgamzik’s on the other had, is a very well maintained and useful search system. You can simply type in a first name or a specific sex act and it will bring you the results you’re after. Movies and stars are just as specific and incredibly useful. It’s the best way to get to grips with the great adult movie library, that Orgazmik offers.

O!Peep – The Perfect Way To Find The Movie You Want!

The simple and easy navigation, isn’t the only thing that Orgazmik has over it’s competitors. O!Peep gives you the chance to preview 30 seconds of ANY movie on Orgazmik. Now you may think that 30 seconds would be the opening titles and character introduction…WRONG! Orgazmik’s O!Peep allows you 30 seconds to flick through the entire movie!

orgazmik o!peep

Watch 30 Seconds of ANY part of your chosen movie for FREE!

O!Peep doesn’t only allow you to watch any part of the DVD, (skipping back and fourth as much as you wish) but it also allows you to preview every movie on the site! You read that right…if you don’t like the look of one movie, simply start a new 30 second preview of another!

orgazmik o!peep catch me

Orgazmik's O!Peep allows you to watch any part of a full DVD, so you can find the movies that turn you on...BEFORE YOU BUY!

The O!Peep system is genius! We actually had to pull ourselves away from it, in order to get on with this review! No other VOD site has been as generous and as helpful as Orgazmik. They understand how much of a pain it can be, buying a DVD and finding it’s nothing what the cover promised. Orgazmik understand our problems and have invested in a truly great solution.

Lets-sign in with our user details (FREE to sign up) and see what Orgazmik really has to offer:

Once signed-in, you’ll notice that the layout and design is the same. Is this a bad thing? No. If you’ve browsed around before signing-up (like most of us with common sense do) you’ll have become acquainted to the design and navigation. A website doesn’t have to change this on it’s members section, so making it more user-friendly is the best way to keep members happy.

After scrolling down the page, you’ll also notice that all censored images that were around the website, have now changed to full-on hardcore images. Lets hit the “Film Catalog” link and see what’s on offer.

orgazmik film categories

There are plenty of movie categories on offer. If they're not on display right-away, simply use the advance search to the left

The right side of the categories page, offers clear images to represent their category along with a description. There a quite a few on offer, ranging from Masturbation to POV and from Porn Movie Classics to Parody (porn films inspired by theatrical movies). In Parody you’ll find classics such as A Clock Work Orgy and Malice. If you can’t find that category you’re looking for from the image menu, simply use the advanced search system to the left of the page, which offers much more genres, fetishes and search options.

orgazmik categories

The graphic images used for each category, give a creative and delightfully arousing browse-through

Orgazmik don’t just offer VOD for their DVD’s. You’ll usually have the option to either Stream or Download the entire movie. If you really like a particular movie you’ve seen, you can even purchase the retail copy of the DVD and have it shipped to your door. Orgazmik sure have put a lot of thought into giving you the ultimate adult entertainment experience.

Lets take a look at streaming and downloading movies:

Streaming – Lets pick Bust Lust from Harmony:

orgazmik bust lust details

Once you select a movie, you'll be given the option to stream, download or purchase the retail copy of the film

Simply click “Play Flash” to instantly be presented with Orgazmik’s custom web player. You have your standard stop, FF and RW buttons as well as a handy built-in meter at the top, which always keeps you up-to-date with your VOD balance. This way, you’ll always get the very most out of your credit.

orgazmik bust lust stream

Orgazmik's custom web player is fast and reliable. Just what you need when there's so much adult entertainment on offer

Orgazmik’s web player also has a full-screen option, so you play the movie just like it’s coming from a DVD. The quality is superb and as long as you have broadband, (who doesn’t now?) the movie starts and plays fast, with a perfect playing speed. Even skipping to sections with the play bar, doesn’t slow it down…it’s one superb flash player!

Downloading – Lets pick Catch Me from Vivid

orgazmik catch me dvd

Many movies can be downloaded, streamed or retail purchased. Choose to download and you'll be able to save movies to your computer, in WMV and MP4 formats

Once purchased you’ll be able to go into your personal account and download your movies in MP4 and WMV. The combination of MP4 and WMV make for both quality viewing and versatile playability.

WMV Downloading – A great download speed of 850 – 950KBs with a clear and high quality DVD resolution. The size of the movie resolution will obviously differ in much older movies (before wide-screen, HD etc.) but newer movies offer an excellent resolution and frame-rate.

MP4 Downloading – Orgazmik currently treat MP4 files as an alternative to WMV/AVI. This means you can still watch them on your PC, but they are fantastic to watch on your PS3 or Xbox 360. All you need is a simple external hard drive (a small flash drive of at least 4GB works best) and your ready to copy and paste hot adult movies to your console! While the 360 currently requires you to play from your external storage device, your PS3 will allow you to copy your movie file to your PS3. This allows for much smoother and higher quality play-back.

The Fetish Sex Blog on Orgazmik

There is currently a vast selection of adult VOD websites out there, today. They offer pretty much the same movies, design and even customer service. We’re pleased to say that Orgazmik isn’t one of these VOD sheep’s. Their design, selection of movies, customer service and unique preview system, help make Orgazmik stand-out from the VOD crowd.

Our main concern with any adult DVD these days, has been whether or not it actually contains what it illustrates on it’s case covers. We’ve all been there at such a disappointing time, when the hot babe in that hot outfit, either never appears to wear such a hot number or…doesn’t even appear in the damn movie at all! Orgazmik cleverly and generously overcome this problem, by the introduction of their unique O!Peep system. You can now preview any part of any movie for 30 seconds. There are also no restrictions to just one movie, meaning you can preview as many other movies as you like for 30 seconds! It’s a genius and welcoming idea.

Orgazmik seem to add movies to their database on a regular basis and their main catalog seems to be their postal-order DVD’s. Their download collection isn’t the largest we’ve seen, but it offers a great selection of movies like porn classics, modern film-to-porn-movie adaptions, educational movies (hardcore of course) interactive movies and much more. Our only real concern is that there are no smaller “mobile device friendly” MP4 files. This means that MP4 files are simply an alternative to WMV, but far more simpler to use and view on your 360 and PS3.

With unique design, great navigation and search systems, wide range of movie categories, the option to have DVD’s sent to your door and the incredible O!Peep idea, Orgazmik is well worth your time and money. Being able to preview any movie before you buy, is very useful and all of this makes it very easy to recommend Orgazmik as one of our very best adult VOD websites.

The Fetish Sex Blog gives Orgazmik:

The Fetish Sex Blog gives Orgazmik 9 out of 10

WATCH AND SHOP AT ORGAZMIK FOR: The best and most generous movie preview system we’ve ever seen or used (O!Peep) – Unique design is refreshing and stands-out from so many other copy-cat VOD websites – Search system and movie categories are fast and easy to use – Movie categories offer a great selection of popular porn as well as educational and interactive movies – If you like a particular movie and want to own a retail copy, you can have it shipped to your door!

CONSIDER: WMV Movies are DRM protected – MP4 movie files are very large (as an alternative to WMV movie files).

Check out Orgazmik now and preview any movie with their awesome and free O!Peep system!

Keep checking back for more adult website reviews, by the Fetish Sex Blog.

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  1. ??? says:

    The preview system they have with all their adult movies, is awesome! ORGAZMIK ROCKS!

  2. Dez says:

    That O!Peep looks sweet! What’s the name of that movie in that screen cap?(of that hot DP)!!!!!!!!

  3. Anon says:

    Nice review. Orgazmik looks like it rocks! Worth checking out for adult VOD. More reviews please!

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