Latex and PVC Stockings

Referred to as Latex Stockings, PVC Stockings, Rubber Leggings or fetish leggings, these kinky lingerie accessories are the fetish-lovers best friend. Any fetish outfit can be enhanced with such an accessory and the final result is absolutely stunning!

latex stockings

These super-sexy latex stockings, are the perfect finish to any fetish-look

Corsets, bustiers, teddies, blouses and other latex lingerie will all go perfectly with latex stockings, giving a super-shiny and full-body erotic fantasy! In fact, latex leggings can even go with regular clothing. Try them with a sexy silk or satin blouse, or even a regular button-up shirt. The half-undone top with PVC stockings is a killer with your partner…guaranteed!

pvc stockings

A hit with adult movies, PVC stockings turn the heat right up! Try them with your partner...and good luck getting out of the bedroom!

Another great combination is with the sexy costume. Simply take a latex or rubber costume and ad those sexy leg-stunners. What you’re left with is one ultra kinky costume that will outperform at that party, dance club, or just blow your partner away! Take a look at the sexy latex nurse costume and latex stocking combination, below:

Click the image for a larger view!

pvc stockings nurse costume

Nothing complements a latex nurse costume (or any costume) better than PVC stockings!

Never be afraid to combine those sexy-shiners with anything kinky or simply sexy! There are so many variations and huge amounts of fun to be had with them. Our best advice is to get online and visit those lingerie sites for those kinky combinations. You could be after those stockings to complete a sexy number, or you could even combine a whole kinky look in your shopping cart! Whatever way you do it, go for it and have fun!

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