Fetish Factory – Shop, party and live fetish!

The winter months are back and it’s time to suit-up in that kinky outfit, once again. Whether you’re heading for the best fetish party in town, or enjoy regular fetish romps with your partner, we’ve found you the perfect fetish site.

Fetish Factory

Fetish Factory invites you to the hot and friendly world of fetish-kink!

Fetish Factory is possibly one of the most successful online fetish-scenes, in the US. The main website focuses on the the overall fetish community, by keeping readers up-to-date with fetish activities across the web. If you’ve got a fetish and want to meet like-minded people, then Fetish Factory can help guide you to the best fetish meetings and fetish parties, around!

Fetish Factory Community

The Fetish Factory community unites fetish-like-minded people. The best kind of people, in our opinion!

Fetish Factory also host one of the most popular fetish events of them all….Alter Ego. On the second Saturday of every month, Fetish Factory host an alt music dance party with special guest DJ’s and celebs. The fetish dress-code is obviously what you’d expect, with rubber, latex/vinyl, costumes and Gothic themes. As long as you’re sexy, creative and adventurous in your fetish-wear, you’ll have no problems getting in and enjoying the fetish delights.

Fetish Factory Alter Ego

Alter Ego host new fetish party events, every month. Be sure to check those sexy flyer's for details

Fetish Factory also offer a superb fetish store. If you’re after something for those spectacular Alter Ego parties, or just love fetish wear, the Fetish Factory store offer the hottest leather, latex and rubber fetish wear, along with kinky fetish accessories.

Fetish Factory Fetish Store

Every fetish item you could possibly desire....and if it's on the site, it's IN STOCK!

The Fetish Factory store also offer a unique and incredibly helpful stock policy, meaning that if you see it on the website, it’s in stock! No more crossing your fingers and praying for no ‘out of stock’ email, just a simple and effective stock policy, that gives great peace-of-mind.

Head to the Fetish Factory Store now and receive 15% off your order.

We’ll certainly be keeping you up-to-date with more news on the Fetish Factories community, fetish parties and fetish store!

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