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There are many online fetish stores out there today and many, offer truly stunning fetish products. Finding such well-stocked and reliable websites has always been the first obstacle, but sizing always proves to be the hardest. You’ll spend ages surfing the net for that perfect fetish-wear item, only to find it’s out of stock in the size you want, or not even available in that size at all!

fetish home factory

Having trouble finding the perfect size? Fetish Home Factory can help

During our regular trek around the online fetish-scene, we found one US fetish-wear site that stood-out over most. As we previewed the products this online store had to offer, we began to notice that no selectable sizes were made available. Why? Simple, because this particular fetish-wear store custom makes it’s items to your exact size!

What makes Fetish Home Factory even more appealing, is that these sizing customizations are absolutely FREE! You can even request minor design alterations too, and there will still be no extra cost! Fetish Home Factory pride themselves on 100% hand-made products, so offering such free services is much easier for them, than it would be for regular fetish-wear stores. It’s clear that Fetish Home Factory see the perfect fit and design as an essential, not just a luxury.

fetish home factory fetishwear

Fetish Home Factory offer a huge selection of fetish-wear. All of these can be fully custom-fitted at no extra cost!

Offering a fetish custom-fitting service is great enough, but to offer this free of charge for all your 1700 fetish-wear products, is just outstanding. This is real customer service and due to the varied sizing issues that latex/PVC and leather can produce, this is something that many fetish-wear fans will appreciate.

So lets select a product on the Fetish Home Factory and see what customization options you’ll receive:

We’ve selected a sexy overbust latex corset. Here is the top part of it’s product page:

fetish home factory custom fit

Fetish Factory offer hand-made fetish-wear, so you can enjoy gorgeous custom-fitted corsets, like the one pictured

A nice and clear product image is displayed and you can also zoom-in to see a much more detailed view. You may notice that selectable sizes are nowhere to be seen, but just scroll down the page a little more, for fully customizable sizing options!

fetish home factory custom size

A generous number of customization fields, ensure you receive the perfect fit!

We’ll definitely be bringing you more on this outstanding fetish-wear service, but until then check out Fetish Home Factory for their superb custom-made fetish clothing.

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