Donna Marie and Kat V – Fetish Oral Sex

The British Are Cumming is one of Private’s newer releases and offers us adult movie lovers the very best sexual entertainment from British performers. One such performer is Donna Marie, who caught our attention on Private Stars with her fiery attitude and incredibly high sex drive. Yes, this little stunner would give most of us men a run for our money in the libido department!

Many of our UK readers may recognise Donna Marie from Private Stars, where ordinary UK guys were given the chance to become pornstars. None of the contestants were trained nor were they picked because of past porn industry experiences. Instead, these guys were thrown into the deep-end with the likes of well known stars such as Dru Berrymore, Donna Marie, Barbarella, Karina Clarke and Bobbi Eden.

It was on this very show that we got to see the fun and kinky side to Donna Marie. Always up for a laugh and one of the first to make the contestants feel welcome, (along with Dru Berrymore) Donna Marie became a British porn idol overnight (more on Private Stars soon).

Private’s The British Are Cumming includes a kinky fetish oral sex scene, where Donna Marie and Kat V take centre stage within a kinky fetish creche-like cage. The two beauties enjoy pinning each other up against and on top of the cage walls, while lending each other their experienced and pleasure seeking tongues!

donna marie tits

Kat V feasts on Donna Marie's round and plump tits!

Just as we think these two stunners are going to munch on each other until there’s nothing left, three guys are brought in to turn up the heat. A fetish creche cage has many kinky uses and the guys don’t hesitate to show us one of the hottest, as they slide their members through the cage gaps and into the sloppy mouths of Donna Marie and Kat V!

donna marie kat v bj

A BJ doesn't get any kinkier than a thrust and suck through a cage!

Hardcore Donna Marie and Kat V Fetish BJ

The guys join the tongue marathon and make an absolute meal of these beauties, acting like sex crazed vampires as the babes are helpless with mouths feasting on their tits, while tongues work their clits!

donna marie oral feast

Donna Marie gives the boys a banquet!

Kat V is also given the same lustful treatment:

kat v oral feast

Kat V is helpless...and loving it!

Ball stretching, cock slapping and dick biting is how the guys are first greeted! But after the oral feast is over and everyone’s warmed-up, the hard fucking begins. Bouncing while cheek-bulged with cock, receiving a hard dick through the fetish cage while eating a mouthful of cock, are some of the hot positions this scene offers!

donna marie cage spit roast

What's the point in having a fetish cage if you don't perform a good fetish cage spit-roast!

Of course, if you’ve got three guys and two babes…it’s an extra load for a great facial finish!

Donna Marie and Kat V Facials

The British Are Cumming is now available to buy from

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