BATFXXX Review – Costume Sex Lovers Will Hit The Jackpot!

Hitting the screen with some cool and surprising special effects for a porn movie, BATFXXX brings your comic book fantasies to life (but with more porn-friendly name-tweaks). They’re all there, The Bat, Batchick, Robina, (the hottest side-kick yet!) Katwoman, (the hottest female villain yet!) Poison Ivy (the most seductive and darn-right dirtiest villan yet!) and the Jo-Kerr. These costumes are jaw-dropping and if your a sex costume fan (just like us) we’re pleased to say that you’ll look to keep BATFXXX in your adult entertainment collection. But these aren’t the only costumes that steal the show…

batfxxx dvd review

Batfxxx is Directed by Nicholas Steele and Produced by Paul Chaplin (who also plays The Jo-Kerr)

Movie Review: BATFXXX

Your favourite super heroes and super villains are transformed into fetish costume-clad sex addicts in BATFXXX! Poison Ivy has created, but lost a highly contagious sex gas to the Jo-Kerr! Hell-bent on causing mayhem and generally being a sex-addict himself, the Jo-Kerr sets out with the gas and causes orgy after orgy of intense costume sex amongst our favourite comic legends! All the cast are dressed to impress, the sex fills the camera with tits and ass and you’ll wanna screw your partner in one of these costumes, once the credits roll!

Fetish Sex: Costume Sex, Orgy’s, Group Sex, 2 0n 1

The World of BATFXXX

Although a porn movie, you’ll be surprised at the effort that’s gone into BATFXXX. From the soundtrack that borrows from the feature film blockbuster, to the dark and graphic novel-like visual setting, you’ll appreciate the work that has created this movie fantasy. You can never really watch your ideal sexual fantasy unless everything around it is true to it and represents it. A fantasy is more than just two horny performers in costumes and the BATFXXX team understood this very well.

batfxxx review effects

BATFXXX has a cleaver use of mild graphic-novel effects, that help immerse the viewer into a dark world of crime. This helps to create and intensify the sexual fantasy of the heroes and sexy villains, that we all wanna fuck senseless!

Effects are not only used to create the back-drop of BATFXXX, but also used to introduce and explain character roles within the world. The man behind the bat mask receives a flashy introduction to match his fame and fortune. But we just love how every female costume has to ooze sex! Take a look at this stunning presenter and join us in praising the BATFXXX wardrobe team, once again.

batfxxx review effects

A great welcome for a courageous and successful character. But wait...whose that hot latex chick? It looks like she's giving Rhianna a run for her money!

We’ve gotta keep a look-out for future work from this costume design team. Even the presenter looks stunning!

batfxxx latex presenter

That is one hot presenter. They should employ such daringly dressed presenter babes, on every TV show!

Sexy Costumes And Hard Orgy Sex In BATFXXX

The effects may be a triumph for adult film but this is a pron movie…and we want sex! Hot and hard and faithful to the genre you selected at purchase. If you like your babes dressed-up in sexy costumes than we honestly believe you couldn’t have bought a better adult film. In many adult movies the main characters would steal the show but in BATFXX, everyone is wearing something that will blow your mind! The wardrobe design team and adult performers have never gelled together so well!

Just like in the classic batman series, the Joker’s henchmen were always dressed-up in wacky outfits and disguises. BATFXXX takes that idea and runs with it! Imagine all the bad guys outfits and instead, replace them with PVC nurse uniforms, french maid costumes, air hostess uniforms, sexy cop uniforms and a few other gems! Add the gang of sexy gangster babes to the mix and you’ll begin to understand why we’re so excited about BATFXXX!

The opening scene will introduce you to the stunning wardrobe work, as The BAT will take off his cape to plunge into two stunning air hostesses! The costumes just get better and better from here!

batfxxx air hostess fuck

The Bat seems to love costume wearing babes as much as we do! Good job there's space for tissues in that belt of his...and maybe some deodorant for after

Stockings and garter fans will love this scene. These air hostesses are drilled hard over the warehouse boxes and direction expertly exposes their garter-clad ass cheeks while The Bat injects his own Wayne Enterprise Sauce, deep inside these mile-high babes!

With a 2 on 1 scene kicking off BATFXXX, you would’ve thought the direction would take a more various route on sexual genre. However, it does seem that group sex and orgy’s take centre stage here as the plot revolves around Poison Ivy (played by Tori Lane) who creates a sex gas to then have it stolen by Jo-Kerr. This makes the perfect basis for an adult movie and brings us nicely to the second scene, where you’ll receive a taste of what’s to come in terms of costume excellence and group sex delight!

batfxxx gangster orgy

At the start of this scene Batchick is tied-up. However, with Jo-Kerrs sex gas, Batchick is soon sucking a PVC nurses tits and taking it doggy style like the bad batchick she is!

With Jo-kerrs sex gas being the main plot of the story, everyone is a victim to the Jo-kerrs horny antics…even the super-heroes themselves!

batfxxx gangster orgy 2

What would The Bat do if he found Batchick (Isis Love) bending over and taking it hard!? He'd probably join the fun! We could do with that spray, ourselves!

Orgy’s are one thing, but sexy costume orgy’s are another! Regular orgy’s will purly depend on the performers looks and sex position variety and quality of shot. But costume themed orgy’s open the door to a new fetish, a fantasy and new way of capturing sex on film. Butts, busts, 2 on 1’s and killer cheek-bulging blowjobs are so much more hotter when the babe is dressed-up as a PVC nurse, maid, filthy gangster or latex-clad super hero/villain. It definitely adds a spark that you simply don’t get in regular porn movies and they help combine multiple fetishes into just one hot scene! Once again, the wardrobe design for BATFXX helps make this film a porn blockbuster.

BATFXXX may have a stunning collection of costume-clad babes throughout, but there is one particular super-villain that got viewers blood pumping. This super-villain was so hot in her scenes (in terms of both the performers work and the costumes design) that a sequel (Katwoman) is already in-the-works (expect our exclusive Katwoman review, very soon). This super-villain of course, is the DVD cover babe herself, Katwoman.

batfxxx katwoman fuck

Katwoman (Madelyn Marie) looks amazing in her latex design. Every pump, suck and groan is enhanced by the tight and shiny look, her costumes delivers!

To explain how hot Katwoman’s scenes are, we’ll need to remind you of how a good director will employ a reliable team of costume designers, to create practical sexy costumes. When we say “Sex” costumes, we mean “SEX” costumes. This will require careful design to ensure it looks stunning but still allows for all forms of hot sex without the need to take the costume off. This is what makes the costumes of BATFXXX and this is what helps make Katwoman’s scenes truly incredible to watch!

We also admire how the director (Nicholas Steele) placed two cat babes into the Katwoman scene. One (Katwoman) fucking in her latex catsuit and the other babe, taking it hard in a more fancy-dress-friendly Kitty ears, tail and fishnet stockings. This does a great job at finding a viewers fetish as we all have a costume we love, but it doesn’t necessarily mean we all like it in a certain style.

batfxxx kitty facial

In BATFXX, the cats always get their cream!

BATFXXX also makes good use of locations for it’s main story. With the power to turn any woman into a sex-craved beast, Jo-Kerr heads straight to the nearest strip club for another great orgy scene. You’ll be seeing plenty of gorgeous doggy-style positions with hot ass garters, babes on top of babes getting fucked senseless, striper swing sex and an awesome few moments when a babe is bent over the side of a stage getting fucked, while another guy slips his tool into her mouth! A strip club stage spit-roast!

batfxxx two face threesome

Two-Face makes an appearance in BATFXXX and enjoys letting two gorgeous lingerie stunners, bounce all over him!

Other highlights include Two-Face’s swift appearance as he works two beautiful lingerie wearing babes to his bone, (as pictured above) a house sex party where Robina (Krissy Lynn) and katwoman ride cocks hard on a couch, Katwoman helping Robina deliver an awesome tit fuck (by grabbing Katwoman’s tits and thrusting them down on her man!) and the beautiful Bobby Star taking it flat-out on the floor and riding on a couch while the Jo-Kerr licks some garter-clad ass! Bobbi Star even steals the scene without even wearing her costume….how the fuck does she do that!

bobbi starr ride lick

An eyeful of Bobi Star's bouncing ass in the background, and an eyeful of garter-clad ass being licked out, make this a star moment in this house orgy

From this hot house orgy, we go to the cause of the sexual outbreak. Poison Ivy’s lair is a fuck-fest waiting to happen and Torry Lane is the perfect stunner to play Ivy, as you’d have to be one sex-mad babe to create such a gas…and Tory fits that bill perfectly! Tory always looks hot in her films but she’s never looked as hot as she does in BATFXXX! When the gas is in the air and the testosterone is high, Tory Lane gives a stunner of a blowjob and the ivy-orgy commences!

batfxxx poison ivy bj

Poison Ivy impatiently pulls his trousers down to perform one amazing blowjob

After Tory’s amazing blowjob stamps a mark for the start of this orgy, it’s mass ground-and-pound time once again! Tits are bouncing around in circles as these costume-clad babes are giving a good gas-fueled fucking! Tory Lane’s blowing skills, her garter ass taking a slamming and Krissy Lynn’s bouncing tits, steal the show in this scene!

batfxxx poisen ivy robina

BATFXXX racks up the tits and ass-count as much as John Rambo raked up the body-count! You've just gotta love those costumes!

We could watch Krissy Lynn’s tits and arse all day…but we had to focus on this review!

batfxxx robina bat fuck

What he's actually doing is holding those beauties still, as there to darn hypnotising! BATFXXX delivers with both costumes and kinky sex!

By now, this much excitement would’ve spanned an entire movie…possibly even two! With costume orgy’s of this quality it’s incredibly hard to cover key moments in sex…there’s simply too many!

batfxxx nurse sex

Batchick enters a hospital to be greeted by horny doctors and lustful nurses. More sexy costumes to add to BATFXXX!

The final orgy is a sex-fest masterpiece. Robina, Katwoman, Batchick, a big titted cop and other horny friends, all screw each other senseless for the final scene! You’ll see¬†Batchick suck off The Bat and get slammed hard by the caped crusader, Robina pumped dogie style by just about everyone in her gorgeous garters and vinyl panties and Batchick get bent-over and spit-roasted by thugs! Oh, look out for the vibrator-seat, that brings a big tit cop and Batchick to a hard and pissing climax!

batfxxx orgy finale

Keep working that DVD remote and you'll always find new and hot moments to enjoy, during the movies final and amazing orgy scene!

The Fetish Sex Blog on BATFXXX

BATFXXX does an excellent job of taking a popular costume fantasy and turning it into reality. We’ve all thought of catwoman bent over with her tits out, we’ve all wanted to screw a hot leather-clad Batgirl and we’ve all secretly wanted to be kissed by poison Ivy, (and the rest) no matter what the consequences! BATFXXX brings these comic book fantasies to life with utterly superb costume design and sex scene creativity!

As well as the superb sexy costumes, the sprinkle of special effects here and there, were a welcomed addition to creating a believable curupt and treacherous city. The fight scenes may have you cringing and you’ll do yourself no favours trying to compare the Dark Knight’s Batman and Joker, but as a porn film, BATFXXX is a triumph in fantasy adult film….but it’s not without it’s flaws.

Groups sex, orgy’s, 2 on 1’s, threesomes call them what you like but they can build-up a little too much in a movie (if the movie isn’t specifically aimed at a group sex genre). BATFXXX contains some of the best fantasy orgy scenes ever captured on film, but it runs with the orgy idea a little too far. If you buy a movie called “Group Sex” then you would be an idiot to complain about too much group sex, right? But if the movie was BATFXXX, viewers would want some form of variety and that’s our main criticism of this film. That and the total lack of double penetration for an orgy/group film. A little more variety with the 1 on 1 and a couple of hot costume DP’s (which we strongly believe the industry is lacking) and BATFXXX would have been on the road to the perfect adult film.

Despite those little niggles, BATFXXX IS a superb costume themed film. Costume sex and orgy’s have never been captured so well and if these are both ranked high on your fetish list, then BATFXXX is simply a must-buy for you.

The Fetish Sex Blog’s BATFXXX Review Result:

Fetish Sex Blog gives BATFXX 9.3 out of 10

BUY IT FOR: Masterful sexy costume design – They actually fuck in those hot costumes! – Intense costume sex orgy’s – Creative and mesmerising orgy sex scenarios!

CONSIDER: That BATFXXX is a pure group sex movie – That no double penetrations take place, Not comparing the fight scenes to The Dark Knight (but seriously…you’re not exactly going to be watching it for that, right?)

SPECIAL NOTE: If Costume Sex AND Group Sex are what you look for in your adult films, then consider the above score a 9.8 out of 10

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  1. hardlove says:

    Isis Love is hot in that batchick costume! More pics of her please!

  2. McFuckin says:

    Robin is Damn hot in this!

  3. Mark says:

    Nice review of Batfxxx! Anymore news on when we can buy Katwoman? Thanks.

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